Saturday, November 23, 2013

Showbox Kyary Pamyu Pamyu-Going going and Sewing

So in February there's the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert in Seattle at the Showbox Market in downtown Seattle. I'll be going with a friend (one of the friends I'm going to see Madoka with). To see the concert.

Now I know that there's a lot of lolitas who dress up for her show but most likely I will not be one of them. I've been to a few live shows and I think that's just a little too restrictive for such a fun thing. Instead I might wear something in my closet or make something.

Also, one of my actual real life (not lolita fashion based) resolution actually came true. I've learned how to sew. As of right now I cannot make anything super amazing but my mom has been teaching me and she got me a little compact sewing machine to work with that I can place on my desk and can sew and stuff.

Hopefully I'll actually make something good enough to show off.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sakuracon 2014

Well Sakuracon is close at hand. I just bought my ticket and reserved the hotel for my group. That's right it's just more than me and my BFF going this year. I actually made two new, close friends (female friends) at work. And they both like anime/manga and even fashion (J-fashion though). So it's really going to be fun.

I can't believe our hotel is going to be close to $1,000 though. But it's a much easier burden when everyone is paying, also we have to deal with the fact that the hotel parking is also valet but when there's only about half a block to the convention center...WHO CARES.

This con is going to be really great. The only way it could possibly get better is if we get lolita brands up here again like they did with Chantilly a while ago.

The only somewhat sad part about this, it may be the only con I go to for a long while. I can't go to AX this year because it's in super close proximity to Sakuracon and also with the fact that I'll finally be going back to school in the spring (right around the con too) it's not economical.

But there are a few fall cons I am seeing that I wouldn't mind going to PMX, PAX Prime, and also Rufflecon are all happening and it might be fun to attend one of those as well.
It's going to be an interesting next 2014 to say the least.

Also with my lolita fashion resolutions, I haven't been up on them and haven't gotten even one of my goals fulfilled yet. >.< I must be really bad at this.