Thursday, May 29, 2014

No PAX tickets for me

Even though I live in Washington I missed the PAX Prime tickets. Everything again sold out so fast. Though a few of my friends were able to get one day passes.

Man though, I wonder who all is going to be there. I know last year Hideki Kamiya was there and everything.
Well this is more a blessing in disguise since I need to be saving my money. If I had a PAX Prime pass for sure I would need to buy lots of things.
While I do game, it's probably not nearly on a level where it would be shown off at PAX.

Mainly I like traditional games (MTG, board games) and video games. I'm not really a mainstream player.

Oh well there's always next year.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Shifting some blog content

While I love typing on this blog about everything I do and stuff. I am going to start to filter it out a bit.

Mainly everything anime/otaku-ish is going to go onto a new blog. The reason being while this blog is mainly about everyday life I'd like a focus on my hobbies on a different place.

To be honest I don't know if this blog will get deleted eventually, but who knows.

For now I will continue to talk about real life happenings/lolita/other stuff here, but as of late I don't really have anything to post about since I am using tumblr more often than not as of late for lolita fashion and everything else.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sometimes life is horrible

Well a lot of messed up crap happened all at once.

First problem is that my mother board is fried or something is wrong with it that it only brings up the loading screen. And by loading screen I mean the screen that the people who made the mother board made. So I know something is wrong. I attempted to try and fix it but it won't even let me off that screen even though it says that I can press F2 to continue or F12 (I'm not sure if those are the correct keys) but for sure I can't do a damn thing about it since my knowledge about computers is limited.

Second while my cosplay is about 90% done came home to see my prop collapse in on itself. I couldn't salvage anything. And I have been working on it so very hard that it makes me sad that in just one fell swoop I had to toss everything into the trash.

Since some of the pieces were lighter and everything it was just a bad set up when I did the fast mache on the prop that it really just collapsed in on itself.

I did learn though that I most likely will be making nothing with mache anymore if I can help it. And that I have to plan ahead months in advance when making a prop instead of doing it last minute. I will try again to make Ruby's scythe; Crescent Rose. But this time I will make sure that I use the correct materials and work with either wonderflex or worbla.

The computer thing is the most upsetting though to be honest, since all my music was on my laptop and I don't want to buy it again since I never backed up any of the information or anything.

Just a crap day just before Sakura-con

Oh and one last crap note;

There were only 25 tickets for the tea party event. I didn't get one, in fact a lot of people didn't but that's natural seeing as there was only 25 tickets and how many people like lolita in the city alone. Also tickets aren't transferable, so if you can't go, the spot won't be filled.

Yeah..........Just a great time......

Friday, March 21, 2014

So close to Sakuracon

So Sakuracon is close at hand. Which is kind of sad and yet so very exciting.

What I am excited and sad for is Angelic Pretty. I don't think I will have enough money to buy anything substantial from their shop since it's only two more paychecks till con. But then last year I didn't find anything I really wanted so that was kind of a loss for me, so who knows what will happen at this one.

If there's another tea party I will probably go again, but this time I won't be expecting much since AX's one was super lame, and it seems par for the course for brand tea parties (that are held within the convention center).

But I cannot wait for the fashion show that will happen.

Last years fashion show at Sakuracon took so long to get started but then burned out quickly their time wasn't even up before they were finished.

Anyway I have to figure out what things I wanna wear for the con aside from my cosplay.
I want to wear this but I don't have an ivory or a brown blouse to wear with it. I mean I have my new blouse from meta that I haven't worn yet. It may be a bit weird wearing white with ivory but it may be my best chances as of right now to have something new to wear at the con.

I mean while all my other stuff is nice. The rest of my pieces are relatively older AP and Baby items that I've had over the years.

Whatever turns out to be the case I'm just going to try to have more fun and try to be less of a wallflower than other times.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Countdown to Sakuracon

We've almost got about a month left before Sakura-con and I feel as if I am not ready for it.

To be honest my cosplay isn't finished yet, and it's starting to get in crunch mode. I haven't finished Ruby's scythe and accessories yet. But all I have of the main piece left is a second belt and her cape. So that's way better than I thought.

I will continue to work on my scythe though I am a bit disappointed I don't have the budget to make my scythe out of wonderflex. So instead I'm making it out of different paper maches. It will probably look ok in pictures but in real life probably not the best. I'll definitely have to fix it up for the next time I work on the costume.

Though to be honest I am excited that they announced that Range Murata is going to be at the con. I've always loved his art and found it very soft and interesting.

I may post up progress pics here for the prop but I'm not so sure...

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lolita and J-fashion Resolution 2014

Last year I didn't do so well on my resolutions, so here's hoping my list this year is going to be better. This is actually just copied from my tumblr, but with more detailed information.

Shiki collaboration with Angelic Pretty and Metamorphose
-Buy five main pieces not in the color pink (skirts,jumpers,OPs)
      If you're wondering why I make distinction of pink, it actually has to deal with it being my favorite color and a color I heavily gravitate too. So I still tend to buy pink pieces regardless, but hey, I need more variation in my wardrobe, so that's why this will always be in my list.
Stained Glass by Moi Meme Moitie
-Buy one Moi-Meme-Moitie main piece
     I've loved Moitie pieces since I started lolita (I actually remember Iron Gate being sold on CD Japan) and with quite a few Moitie pieces being more accomidating towards varying sizes, I thought it might be a good thing to try.
Milk Heart Bag in Gold
-Purchase something in my wishlist
     I've got a huge varied wish list that contains all sorts of items. Most likely from my list I'd probably end up buying shoes or a bag (or both) since as a lady accessories are quite an important thing.

Moonstar x Sousou collaboration Festival Tabi
-Buy a pair of unique shoes
      Actually this one is already done to be honest. I recently this year already acquired these tabi shoes. And you can't deny that they're not unique. You don't see many people wear tabi. I actually had a very interesting conversation with a Japanese lady about them. She was so surprised and happy that someone was wearing traditional shoes. And honestly, the grip on it is amazing. The regular shoes from Sousou don't have a firm grounding grip since the bottoms are more akin to tennis shoes.

Also, I bought these because I've started to dabble into using wa-fabric.

Metamorphose Diamond Print Blouse
-Purchase a white/black/and an unusual colored blouse
     Always needing those staples. I just purchased this Metamorphose blouse and am waiting for it to arrive. Already one third of the way there. Which is pretty great because I seriously need blouses, especially since it gets cold up here.
Haenuli dress
-Purchase one indie designer piece
     There are some great indies shops out there and I want to support them, so I thought that maybe if I just even get one piece from them, it would be a good start

-Purchase 2 parasols/umbrellas
     I live in the rainy part of the US, so I need these, because... It rains a ton. Kinda self explanatory.

-Make at least 3 sets of clothing that could be used for J-fashion or lolita
      Since I started to learn how to sew, I've been getting a quick grasp on it, so I want to sew a few outfits. I've got a lot of varied fabric and everything. Just need to start piecing them together.

Jane Marple Stamp Skirt
-Purchase an otome main piece
     I really like the idea behind otome, especially since this could work for when I don't feel like dressing up fully in lolita clothes.
Alice and the Pirates x Disney Collaboration
-Purchase a main piece in either alice or trump theme
     I really like Alice themes, so I still need to get something to brighten up my wardrobe.

So that's it for the resolutions, and I seem to be ahead of the game this year, which is great. Hopefully I can knock everything off of my list, even though it's longer than last years.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kickstarters that need help

It may not be your cup o tea but there are a few kickstart pages going on that need help if you're interested.
First one is GAMCON which is trying to raise up funds to make an anime/videogame convention outside of the Seattle are.
GAMCON kickstarter page
Even if it's just a couple of dollars, I'm sure they'd appreciate the help. I donated $20 to just get a badge, since it's more of a local con for me. And the area that they're trying to rent is actually quite spacious and cheap. There are local businesses and everything willing to help and advertise, but they just need a bit of word of mouth to spread it around, so if you have any interest or know someone who would, by all means. Please show them.

Also another Kickstarter that holds a place in my nerd heart is the Wakfu kickstarter is up.
Wakfu dub+French sub Bluray
If you've ever seen the show or played the Tactical MMORPG, now is your chance to not only own the first season but at 200,000CAD we get season two as well for all the backers who backed enough to get the bluray. I was able to get the limited to 50 early bird special at the 100CAD mark so I so have that going for me. And the wait time for isn't too long, estimated April but they said it may be pushed back a month or two if they have to do even more dubbing, which isn't a bad thing because that means more goals have been met.

Also for everyone who says "I'll just get it later". In the kickstarter comments Ankama has said after this kickstarter they're probably not going to release it again, for a long time. So this is pretty much your shot to get something like this.

Anyway thanks for taking a look and everything. Hope that you'll donate, or even just spread the word.