Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goodbye Last Year...Hello New Year and Goals

As the year comes to a close, I've been thinking about things that I wanted to do that I really haven't, and goals for the next year. So here are my main goals for 2013 in order of importance.

-Get a new job, one that isn't in retail
     For serious on this. I'm tired of retail hell in Wal-Mart and I can't really stand it for much longer. I am glad that I got experience from it. But after over a year of working there, retail isn't for me and I can't stand rude people that I've met in my job

-Lose weight, hit my goal of 130-140lbs
     Though I've been losing weight slowly I am going to be more serious about it this year. For real. I'm pretty much stopping eating out at work and eating at fast food restaurants and everything. Even though it's easier to buy food than make it... I'm going to try my best and keep the weight off and not bounce back. Also I'm using some apps from my new iPod and it's really helping me document my progress.

-Save money, for future goals
    Pretty much, I want to just save money just in case of a rainy day or the fact that I want to go travel and do lots of things. So I'm contemplating purchases pretty well and not just impulse buying now. Which is sometimes a hard thing but I am going to do my best to save money. I'm already starting off pretty strong though.

-Wear lolita more, buy more colors
    Though I love lolita, I pretty much neglected it last year except for Anime Expo. So next year I'm going to wear it more. And buy more colors except for pink and white. As I'm getting on in years (lol 26 already) I need to diversify my colors and buy other colors, some that I can wear easier without having to think about it.

Though there are probably more things that I could probably write about, nothing is coming to my mind at the moment. But at least I listed out my most important things. Hopefully I can fulfill them pretty soon.

Here's looking at you 2013!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Q-Pot Merry Sweet Party

If there's one brand I love with all my heart, it's Q-Pot. Q-Pot is a Japanese brand of accessories made by Tadaaki Wakamatsu. There will be more about Q-Pot specifically in another post. I have a review of the US shopping site. But for now I'll be talking about the winter items that have just been put up for sale.
Merry Sweet Party Banner taken from Q-Pot online store
Merry Sweet party contains a few subcategories; condensed milk, merry sweet party, ice box cookie and gingerbread man. And here is a picture from the site of the items listed.
Listings for the items as seen on Q-Pot's webstore
The items themselves are really varied and I love the use of wood for the holiday. It seems that Q-Pot is using a lot more wood and other materials in their new pieces and it's a very interesting turn. But I must admit that my favorite items out of this whole seasonal collection are the condensed milk items.

Though I do realize that the items are just remakes of the other items in the melt series, the new color is so lovely. Also I am fond of the icebox pierce and earring.

A note on the pierces and earrings though... They're sold as individuals instead of as a set. The reason being the idea is to mix and match them with other earrings to create your perfect look.

Overall the series is nice, though a few items would look weird to wear outside of the winter season.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Metamorphose-Fancy Egg

With a weird name like Fancy Egg I wasn't so sure what I was going to expect to see from Metamorphose. But to tell the truth it really surprised me. I really like the print.
Fancy Egg-Black
So the premise is kind of simple, just very lovey egg motifs. Which I haven't really seen done (if at all) in lolita. What also makes this print stand out for me is the diamond print design that compliments it. I am really loving the black color though. There are quite a few dresses and skirts and other such things that will be for preorder but I am really liking the shorter dress.
Fancy Egg Tucked Pleat Pinafor Dress-Short Version
It's very simple in design, but the bottom border print does take up most of that bottom skirt, which is why I really love it. This is a sample of the dress which is done in the pink version. But I really love the overall feel and design of the whole thing. It looks like something you could wear in lolita or just as a regular nice dress. What I don't like though about the other colors is the lack of the diamond detail which is lost on the dress.
Fancy Egg-Pink
But you know, it may be good for other people, but just not for me. Which is actually a good thing, because I need to balance out all that pink in my wardrobe at the moment. I was trying to include more mint there, but it seems that the colors tend to just be black and pink for now. ^3^

So the dresses will be on reservation starting on Dec. 7th Japan time, and the short dress is 24,990 yen itself shipping and handling. As for the colors their is; black, pink, green and saxon blue.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Recent Purchases-Grimoire Socks

So I bought a few things for lolita that I've been looking at for a long time, Grimoire socks.
Un papillon bleu profond-Grimoire Socks
The socks are quite adorable, I just love those butterflies and the background. I don't actually have a dress that matches these or anything, but I think I'll either buy some light blue fabric or create a dress that could go with them. Though I do have a white dress I'd still probably would need some blue or butterfly accessories to go along with them.
Une desse de la fascination-Grimiore Socks
I actually just bought these because the design was just so very eye catching. The lady looks very lovely and in all honesty, these socks would look great with a gothic coordination. Now all I will need is more than one gothic styled lolita dress to chose from. Maybe something else from Atelier Pierrot or Echantlic Enchantilly. Though to be honest I'd really like a red dress. Red isn't a color you see a lot in lolita for some reason, or it's always paired with white. I think a red dress with black accents would be lovely.

Once I get the actual socks themselves I'll probably post a review of not only the socks themselves but the shopping service I used.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Super Sick, Super Sentai, and a Decade

I've been really sick for about the last week or so. It feels as if it's towards the end of my sickness. I've just been sleeping it off when I'm not at work.

Speaking of work, I have my schedule for Thanksgiving/black Friday and though I don't get to spend the turkey holiday with my family... I am safe from not working the hectic black Friday rush and will be working normal hours. Thank god no 12-16 hour work day for me.

Besides not doing much, I've just been watching a few series on the internets. Specifically Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and Kamen Rider Decade.

I already finished Akibaranger since it was so short (sad 13 episodes). And now I'm onto watching Decade.

I really like it, I feel so nostalgic watching Decade, as I remember a lot of the Hesei Kamen Riders.
Kamen Rider Decade
Other than that, not much has been happening for me, hope everyone is good.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sakuracon and Hope for the future

Sakuracon banner for 2013
So this year I'm going to be attending Sakuracon instead of Anime Expo (because of the huge flub of last years shit-tier events). It will be nice to go back to the con that I started out with. But more importantly, my BFF is coming up for the con, and I'll be by myself for a while when that happens. So no parental unit and your dearest friend visiting for a mini vacation, sounds like a great plan.

Another thing is that we decided to postpone our trip to Japan for another year because of something important. The BFF wants to come back up and move back here. Currently, she lives in a place that doesn't make her happy, and I can understand that. She says up here is her home. So she's going to be saving up and looking for a job. It will be one year before she can have residency, then she can go back to school. And with online courses and everything else. I'm sure she'll do great this time around.

Even though this year marks our 26th year of birth, I'm not going to let it get me down. I know I've still got lots of life ahead of me, and even if I like things that some people deem childish or I'm too old to dress up the way I do, I say that I'm not. I'll always be me and I couldn't be any happier because of it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Poupee has wigs now

So on Poupee Girl they now have wigs, and in many colors. So now I can change my style whenever I want.
Regular hair on my poupee girl
 My hair is short and in a bob, this is usually how I get it cut. Rather boring, but it's you know regular hair. But now my Poupee's hair can turn into something amazing.
Pink bob wig on my poupee
Isn't it awesome? Her hair is now a dusty pink with strands of lavender in it. I really like it, it's super cute and so adorable.

But speaking of actually posting things on my poupee I just haven't gotten around to it. I've got a pair of Vivienne Westwood shades, lots of new designer bags, and a new Angelic Pretty piece I still haven't taken a picture of yet. I'm still trying to figure out how I want the items to be arranged. Since some people have very creative ways of showing things... I want mine to be just as nice too.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Release Dates Postponed AGAIN?!

I'm not one to really complain about things like this but it seems that the Racing Miku figure by Good Smile Company is postponed.....AGAIN. She was supposed to come out in September, but now she's moved all the way to November which really sucks but is a blessing in disguise.
Racing Miku
But honestly if you're going to give a release date and not be able to live up to it, just make it a tentative preorder with no actual release date. It would be much better than that.

Another preorder that got postponed is Accelerator from To Aru Majutsu no Index. Dude was supposed to be out this month, but he already got pushed back to November already.
Accelerator from Amiami
I'm not actually as pissed off about this as I should be only because it was slated for a October release and already got pushed over to November. Usually Alter and its sibling companies will push things back at the last minute making you think you've gotta pay at the end of the month, so knowing this one isn't coming out till November is OK by me.

In all honesty I actually don't have many preorders slated for the November month, just two toys an a few coffee cups from Amiami so I can deal with two additional figures. But who knows if these will get pushed back till December. I hope they don't though, I have a really expensive item that I'll be paying for and is my only item that month.

But once 2013 happens, I will be pretty much putting all my toy purchases on the back burner.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Krad Lanrete Dress

I've been looking through Taobao lolita stores again and I found a really simple dress I like from a brand called Krad Lanrete.
Le Chuchotis de L'ete dress
As Krad Lanrete does more gothic pieces than anything, it really stands out to me. Right now I currently only have one gothic dress in my collection and I want to increase it by more. But anything I want more simple pieces in my collection, and something not pink, black or white. Though ivory is more of a cousin to white it's close enough away that I wouldn't have to worry.

What also really impressed me about the piece was when I saw it worn by models.
Long and short version of the Le Chuchotis de L'ete
The dress looks simple enough and comes in two lengths as well; short and long. I'm more interested in the short version of the dress as I'm sure if I got the long one it wouldn't look so good on me and would probably hit the floor if I wasn't wearing high enough shoes.

But anyway let's take a look at the one I am interested in.
Short version, Ivory color
Doesn't it look adorable? It's a very simple design with buttons on the front and a piece of fabric that wraps around the waist. It's a really simple dress but with the right accessories and color combinations would turn it into something amazing.

Simple dresses I believe are essential for any lolita wardrobe, and I hope I can add this one to my collection soon.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Adventure Time print idea

I've been watching Adventure Time a lot since I bought the first DVD box set. And then I had a weird sort of idea pop up into my head. I was thinking about designing some Adventure Time fabric to be printed and create a skirt or something with it. Like doing the candy kingdom or a fun Finn and Jake inspired print.

Also I've been drawing a lot of Finn and Jake recently. I also have been doing quite a bit of studying of people and real life, so I've been slowly improving on that.

Also have been sketching on Paint Tool Sai. It's been really fun. Maybe I'll throw up some scraps to show later.

Anyway back to drawing with me.

Flan's Flying

Monday, July 16, 2012

Adventure Time Season 1 DVD

Just bought the first season of Adventure Time on DVD and I must say, it's a very fun DVD box set.
Adventure Time box
What is really nice about this is the price, it wasn't very expensive or anything. I bought it at my local store and it's pretty cute. Also it's got 26 entire episodes. Anyway I love watching it. Season one is probably one of my favorite seasons for this show.

The only thing is I wish there was a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack. But the DVD will have to do for now.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Soom and their Idealian line

I don't really like the company Soom and their line of ball joint dolls. I actually had one of their male monthly dolls and it was a huge disappointment in real life. I went back to look at their new dolls and just saw their Idealian line. Simply was blown away. Most of them are men, but you know that's not a bad thing with how beautifully the men are sculpted.
Photon by Soom Idealian
The only bad part is how tall these guys are, a whopping 72centimeters tall. Which may not seem like all that much, but god they're really tall.

The negative parts about it is that the dolls are limited to an ordering period and then never released again (usually). Which leads to the second hand market to have the dolls at something beyond ridiculous. We're talking about nearly a grand or more.
Gluino-Vampire Alchemist by Soom Idealian
I need to keep up with these beautiful dolls. Even though they're huge and relatively expensive, mainly due to their size. I would like to have some to add into my ball joint doll collection. And it will give me a chance to get more males, since I'm more of a girl doll collector.

But man... These stock photos just look so beyond lovely.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Anime Expo 2012- A rather big "disappointment"

Well as you know I was at Anime Expo from June 28- July 2.In a word the whole con was a "disappointment".

We had problems with the hotel, the con itself, the tea party event; pretty much everything was messed up. The biggest reason being why was two reasons.

1. The X-Games

Yup, the X-games was held at the same time as the convention. Which made it harder to even move around town and there were tons of detours and everything. What was even great was our hotel lied to us about the booking of our room saying it was Anime Expo's booking systems fault when in actuality they gave away more hotel rooms to X-games people because they had to pay full price. So it was the three of us in one bed...

Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate the people who attended the X-games, just the event itself and the shitty excuses and roundabouts we got from staff and the literal detours we had to take to get anywhere in downtown LA.

2.The Anime Expo staff

Oh yeah, this part really pisses me off... THE STAFF HAD PRETTY MUCH NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON. Like for everyone one person who had an idea of what was going on... There was 20 who didn't. Most events were either canceled or moved, and then there wasn't enough adequate room that a lot of times we couldn't get into things. This Anime Expo ended up becoming "Line Con:Anime Version".

No offense to people who love to go to San Diego Comic Con, but it does have the nickname line-con for a reason.

But yeah, staff didn't know what they were doing. Fate/Zero GoHs and not much more....

Oh yeah, the Misako tea party wasn't even a tea party. It was more of a meet and greet. And we couldn't even get individual pictures with her, it had to be done as a group at each table. Made me kind of steamed. And sadly enough, I'm making the stupidest picture in our group photo that I don't like it. Yeah... So that was a personal disappointment.

There were some good things about Anime Expo though, and I am going to write about them, but I needed to get all the negatives out of me first.

On a positive note, at least next year my friends and I will be attending Sakuracon instead. So instead of me coming down to CA they'll be coming up here. And that should be fun.

TL;DR My feelings for Anime Expo 2012
Sadness and disappointment

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nails are cute

As I am gathering and starting to pack up for my flight and Anime Expo, the last couple of details come into mind, and that detail is how am I going to wear my nails the entire weekend.

I don't get acrylic/fake nails done so I have my natural nails or nail tips to decorate. And I've also been looking at some designs that I could do easily.

Adorable Hearts Tutorial
I really think these are cool and show a neat step by step example of how to do it. I may try it some time soon but probably not for AX. My dress I don't think would look good with hearts.

Monarch Wings with China Glaze
Now this is more that I'm talking about, I love the monarch wings. I even more like the idea of not using the conventional orange color... And it gives me another reason to buy another China Glaze nail polish. I'm thinking of doing a light pink color for the wings because it has to match melty chocolate and the spring theme I'll be going for at the Misako tea party. I'll most likely be using nail chips for it, since I'd rather have a longer nail instead of my tiny fingernails for right now. The only small problem with the design is the nail chips I have are rounded and not squared like in the picture. It shouldn't be too bad though, I think it will turn out just as lovely.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Got ticket for second Misako party

I was able to snatch up a ticket for the second Misako tea party that was happening on later on in the day 5:30pm-7:00pm and I'm quite excited.

The only thing left to do is figure out what I'm going to wear. I am probably leaning towards wearing my Melty Chocolate dress since it's really more nice than most of my dresses and I can wear my tea party shoes with them as well. Probably won't be wearing a wig though, since I'm planning to wear my Liz Claiborne hat. I'm trying to go for a more Otome/summer theme, since Misako wears a lot of more toned down dresses and styles outside of magazines.

To be a bit honest and a little bit truthful, I kind of feel bad for my Melty Chocolate dress... I wear it too much. It was the first piece I bought after I sold all of my lolita clothes. But I fell in love with it and paid a pretty penny for it as well.
Angelic Pretty's Melty Chocolate
I know it's stupid to be sentimental about this dress, but I can't help but feel it. There are a lot of memories along with this dress. It does mean a lot to me.

Do you ever feel sentimental about things? I wonder if it's just an age thing, or am I just really being nostalgic.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My secret love affair with Moi Meme Moitie

Ever since I started lolita fashion, I have always loved Moi Meme Moitie. But for the longest time, I couldn't hardly wear any of it, except for the "Iron Gate" and a few full shirred pieces.

But as of recently, Moi Meme Moitie has been putting out more shirred pieces, for what reason I have no idea, but I want to get one. And I want my first piece to be the new stained glass print that's out.

Cathedral Print by Moi Meme Moitie
Though I couldn't find a picture of the long sleeved one, but I really want this one so badly. I know a lot of people don't like it. But I really like how it fades into the colors and I can't help but love it, it's so cheesy. Shame is that it's probably going to cost me about $550 to buy it, but if I save and not spend my money on frivolous things (which is a lot of stuff) and just pay my bills and such, I should be able to get my hands on it pretty soon.

If not, there are lots of other dresses that I love that I can buy. So it's not a big deal, but it's just kind of hard to get something of Moitie's since they tend to sell out a bit quickly.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Aperture Cookies

Tomorrow I should be receiving my order for my Portal 2 cookie cutters.
Portal cookie cutters
Now I don't really bake cookies, or even enjoy them in general but I'm so excited for them, I will probably bake tasty cookies with them. Something that I can for sure decorate though. Most likely sugar cookies or another basic recipe that can take frosting rather well.

I can't wait to get off work tomorrow and come home to a big package... A package with portal-tastic cookie cutters inside.
Just look at those cute companion cube and turret
I'm going to make a ton of turrets and companion cubes. Because they're my favorite. Going to bring some to AX with me for my friends. Because after not seeing them in a long time, I think the best thing to do is have cookies with your best friends.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Anime Expo disapointments and guest of honor

Right now as Anime Expo approaches, I've got mixed feelings about the whole thing. First we'll get the negative out of the way first.

The musical guests, right now musical guests are rather weak sauce, but not only that, they're now charging WAY more than last year. Also last year was Miku and Kalafina at both $8 a piece in venues outside of AX. Nokia theater and the little Nokia one nearby.

This year they're going to be in the convention center, and you'll pay anywhere between $20-$40 per ticket. Now this really cheeses me off for a few reasons, mainly the HUGE price difference from last year and the fact that they're making it in the convention center. I'm not paying a minimum of $20 to go see an artist in a convention center.


Now for the good stuff.

Lolita model, Misako Aoki will be coming to AX and hosting all the fashion shows and a teaparty!
Misako Aoki in Casual lolita
I'm super excited for this. The more I think about it, I think I will try to attend the teaparty and then go to the fashion shows. I think it would be a great experience, one that I've not really been to doing before. So I'll probably go.

But at the same time I have a few phobias about the whole group/teaparty thing. Though most of it has to deal with my weight. I'm not insecure with knowing that I'm fat or whatnot, but I fear that because of my weight, I feel that people will snub me off or make offhanded comments about me. It's happened before with other lolitas so the fear is still there.

And then the fact that I probably won't have a beautiful coordination in sweet lolita or whatnot. I've only bought one new dress this year because I can't really find things I want and keep to it (and it's a gothic dress) so I've got that against me. All I have is my Melty Chocolate, Princess Drop and Fairy Princess dresses.

I'll probably make coordinations with them and see what would be the best for me to wear. But gosh... So much stress so soon to convention time. So very anxious and yet... So very worried.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Long time no post

Well it's been a long time since I posted up here. Not that I haven't forgotten or anything... I've just been rather busy with life, so that been keeping me on edge.

Anyway we've only got weeks before AX comes up and I will take lots and lots of pictures. But in the mean time I guess the only exciting thing that's happened so far is that I've bought some magic cards to play with my friends and got the card I wanted very quickly.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope
Also preordered some figures and toys, nothing too much. After AX I'm going to try and hopefully buy lolita clothes again, or rather more frequently instead of just letting my clothing take a back seat to the real world. I love wearing lolita but it seems I haven't been making a lot of time for it lately. I think this mainly happened because a lot of my pieces are so extravagant, I need to get some clothes that aren't so formal compared to everything else.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Racing Miku figure-1/8 Scale

A very beautiful figure was released by Good Smile Company for preorder and I really, REALLY love it. It's a Vocaloid statue of Miku Hatsune-Racing Version.
Racing Miku's Design
As you can see it's a very interesting design and I really like her hair and costume. But how exactly does this translate into 3D? I think it was done very nicely.
Composite Image from Amiami
As you can see from the composite picture it's still has the same feel and gorgeous look as it does in the image. But her figure, pose and flowing hair add to the beauty of this figure.
Picture taken from Amiami
Even from the backside, the form and the details are carefully payed attention to, which makes this a great figure on all sides.
Picture taken from Amiami
And her face, her smile is really cute and I love the detail in her eyes. They just look so gentle and inviting.

Overall, I really love this figure and will be ordering it. This is most likely going to be my first Miku figure and a really cute and adorable one to boot.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kneesocks Figure by Alter

So finally we get something that isn't a Panty or Stocking figure and I'm so happy about it. It's one of the demon sisters. Keesocks to be exact.
Kneesocks- Different Angles
She's really skinny, but then it's been a while since I've seen the show. I don't mind her body, but it's something I've forgotten about. Since seeing all the fanart of her... Well she's usually got big boobs to say the least. But from just the initial pictures I was sold and preordered her.
Kneesocks- Back side
I really do like her backside though, it's really cute. And those small little wings, so adorable >w< The picture does show how the difference in the painting reflects when you take picture of her. You can see the shine from the black and then all the matte coloring from everything else. She really looks good.
Kneesocks- Close up, face details
And now her face. One of my favorite features with her is that smirk. It's so amazing with that little snaggle tooth hanging out; quite cute and is a great adaptation from the anime. Also the detail in the eyes seems to be really good from what you can see. But man, that skin... That red skin. It's so beautiful of a color just like the anime.

Overall I'm really happy what she turned out to be, because I wasn't liking her prototype. But man, in color she won my heart. Now I'm just waiting for a Scanty...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Atelier Pierrot-New Dress

So I finally bought a new dress, I really wanted something new to wear for Anime Expo but yet I kept seeing I was drawn to the same colors (lol pink). So I decided I would get a new dress in a different color and style. So I bought a black dress from Atelier Pierrot in black with gold printing.
Tea Party Dress-Front
It's a very simple black dress with gold prints around it. I really like the simple design of it and the dress can be used outside of lolita so whenever I have some sort of event I need to dress up for, I could use this dress. I really do like the Alice in Wonderland type theme, and the bows are detachable.
Tea Party Dress-Back
The back has a bustle! Yay, I really like bustles, they're very fancy. And I've got some shirring to accommodate for my size as well. If it ends up being too tight, I might get the shirring removed but from the looks of it (and from other Atelier Pierrot items) I should be good with this one.

I'm still at a loss on how exactly I will coordinate it but I'm sure to have some great ideas popping into my head soon.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Second Reproduction-First Impressions

Sometimes I just hate Otome Games. And I will tell you my rage with my first play through of "The Second Reproduction" by Heterodoxy. This is is going to be spoiler filled for the route I ended up going through... So when you see the part where I say >spoiler starts< skip if you're going to play the game.
The Second Reproduction info link from VNDB
Anyway this game deals with the age old humans vs demons Christianity=Good/Everyone Else=Die Heretics.

So you can already tell this game might be fucking sad... BIGGEST FUCKING UNDERSTATEMENT EVER. I'm a squishy kind of girl so this game made me cry about a couple of times on the route that I ended up playing and then quit afterward because I got so upset.

**Spoilers Start**
Basically because the country you come from is super religious (we're talking about these people are kind of really extremest about their religion) and your mom wants you to kill the last demon lord. And because you're a "Champion" (think of the knights of the Crusades) you're all OK I'll go into their land and just kill this guy. Your loyal knight tags along (he's actually really awesome and he's the other guy you can end up with).

So anyway you go confront the guy in his place and he says all sorts of saucy and racy crap.
Get a load of this guy... What a douche
Seriously, well anyway because I always go for the guys I like first I go through this half-demons route.

So after watching both of you die. Oh and your mom asks if you can commit suicide so that you don't look like a failure. You pretty much find the Deus Ex Machina of the game and get to try your luck at fate. And with the way I played I got the fucking bad end.

So everything goes as you would think... Until the end you confront your mom... And she kills you (because congrats you're a heretic). And then you're dying in your lovers arms and he just goes fucking insane at the end.

No seriously he goes INSANE. He turns you into a doll and then decides that since you got taken from him, he's going to kill every single fucking human.
Second End for Gardis-Doll Ending
**Spoilers End Here**

Seriously, he just fucking snapped. But I snapped too. Fucking made me really pissed. Like after this ending I deleted the game from my hard drive. And just decided to seethe for the next two days and make a post about it.

Anyway, after learning that I just got the bad end, I'm a little bit more put at ease since when I was playing the game I only saw so few picture spots so I was like. OH HELL NAH. But I'm glad there's more ending routes. I don't like sad endings like that.

I'll come back to the game at a later date, after the rage and sadness have died down and my heart is in a better state for the game. But I've got other games that I need to play through... Games that won't hurt this girl's heart.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RIO:Bone Stocking on preorder

Well today on Amiami there was the RIO:Bone Stocking pre-order. So I decided to get it since it will match my Panty (which is on the way).

Stocking by RIO:Bone
The pictures right now aren't really all that good, but you know, they're probably still the prototype. Or rather I am so hoping that it's the prototype. But she also comes with some things for Panty which is pretty awesome.
Glasses version of Panty and Stocking
The glasses look freakin' sweet. And you can only get them with the Stocking version. Honestly Stocking is my favorite of the two so I am really excited for her release. Hopefully the Demon Sisters will be coming out, but I'd take anything of them to be honest.

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Panty Design and Yui Figure

Well the RIO:Bone Panty got delayed till February along with the Puella Magi Madoka Magica petite nendoroids, but today I saw something quite neat. On Amiami they have the new finished action figure up instead of the prototype. Here is a link to where the old pictures are on my blog and now here is the new ones!
Final Panty Image from Amiami
You can see how much the face has been tweaked, the eyes have been changed and the face has been smoothed out more instead of rather chunky and for a lack of a better word... Derpy. I don't know if the lighting is better or the fact that there's a background but it looks so much better in my eyes.

Then comes a part I'm not so happy about; the back of her legs.
Backside View
The joint kind of seems wonky, specially from the back, they're not the little nubs that I'm used to seeing in like Figma or Revoltech but I'm wondering how it will actually hold up or were they used because of the weird drawing style Gainax chose to use in making the show.

You can also see that the open face was given the same treatment as the first picture. Man I love her expressions even more now. I am quite glad that I decided to preorder her.

I also saw something quite interesting if you like the anime K-On or are a Yui fan (I sure love Yui). It's by Kyo-Ani and it's a cute super deformed singing Yui.
Super Deformed Yui Normal Face
I love her hair and the glasses. She kind of reminds me of Arare from Doctor Slump. But what made me laugh even more was the other face she comes with.
Silly Deformed Yui Face
It's such a silly face. But man... It's so cute at the same time.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anthro BJDs

At first I wasn't a fan of anthro ball joint dolls, I thought for the price and size they were kind of a waste of money. But now I'm just starting to look back at them and saw that a lot of things have changed. Not with size or anything but just the way I saw them. I now see them as beautiful pieces of art and I kind of want a few.
Wake Up Ruby by Coco Tribe
I was looking at this Bunny named "Ruby" from Coco Tribe to be my first one. I really think how her bunny parts are sculpted makes her so adorable and her white skin, I really like it a lot. Thinking about giving her some pink under tones or maybe even doing a more natural brownish color with her. I think both would work really well for her.

She's not very expensive as well, found that buying her on the Taobao site compared with getting her from a US speaking site would save me some serious money (a huge enough chunk) so that I could probably get a dress with her at the same time.
The only problem with Coco Tribe for the clothes is they don't have that many that I like, so I was just thinking about getting this white dress and then ordering more stuff for them later.

I'm kind of excited to get back into collecting and customizing BJDs so it will be lots of fun doing all sorts of stuff with them. I'm just really surprised that my tastes have changed somewhat though, it's quite surprising.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

TYB- Dark Cherry Hama normal route

Well I'm just waiting for my confirmation for Tokyo Yamanote Boys; Sweet Jelly Bean since I just paid for it earlier today. I cannot wait to play it, I wonder what all the routes are going to be.

Also today I finished my first route with Shinnosuke Hamada aka Hama/Hammer and I really liked it. It makes me sad that the "True Ending" for his route is super creepy. But his normal route ending is so much better.

Hama is kind of a goof, a pervert and an innocent guy all wrapped up into one rich guy package, which made me kind of fall in love with him; seriously this guy is adorable. But at the same time... His choice in swimwear makes me wonder.
Private Date-Aquarium
 Like really, look at that... What are you suppose to say to that?! But I digress, Hama came off at first to be such a wimp. He cries a lot, but you can see deep down he's a super sweet guy. The scene ends rather funny (shark actually really likes him and there's a bit of a back story to it). But anyway I thought this was a really sweet scene between the main girl and Hama.

Well actually, I think this scene is better though...
Nervous to hold hands
That's right, he's nervous to take the girl's hand, instead he wanted to chain themselves together with handcuffs, but the reaction on his face, it's so innocent and pure. I really liked his reaction throughout the whole CG scene. It shows off Hama's innocent nature. Because he's got some demons in him, or at least some weird manifested personality disorder or something.
Devil Hama
Yeah see, he literally becomes a devil. Through random points in the VN you can see a little tail swish around, so when his bag grew bat wings, his voice dropped and he became this serious badass I was a little bit confused but ran with it. But he only showed up towards the end and in quite small intervals. He's actually in the ending and it made me just kind of feel awkward about Hama's route.

But I keep this in mind.... It's not as weird or messed up as the True Ending.