Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nails are cute

As I am gathering and starting to pack up for my flight and Anime Expo, the last couple of details come into mind, and that detail is how am I going to wear my nails the entire weekend.

I don't get acrylic/fake nails done so I have my natural nails or nail tips to decorate. And I've also been looking at some designs that I could do easily.

Adorable Hearts Tutorial
I really think these are cool and show a neat step by step example of how to do it. I may try it some time soon but probably not for AX. My dress I don't think would look good with hearts.

Monarch Wings with China Glaze
Now this is more that I'm talking about, I love the monarch wings. I even more like the idea of not using the conventional orange color... And it gives me another reason to buy another China Glaze nail polish. I'm thinking of doing a light pink color for the wings because it has to match melty chocolate and the spring theme I'll be going for at the Misako tea party. I'll most likely be using nail chips for it, since I'd rather have a longer nail instead of my tiny fingernails for right now. The only small problem with the design is the nail chips I have are rounded and not squared like in the picture. It shouldn't be too bad though, I think it will turn out just as lovely.

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