Friday, August 9, 2013

Lovely Glutton and Kamen Rider...Lolita?!

I actually bought quite a bit of lolita things this month... Ok well not a lot just two dresses that are both coming in late August.

The first one is To My Lovely Glutton from R-Series.
R-Series To My Lovely Glutton in Dusty Pink
 Ok, I know it's going to be a little bit funny or perhaps ironic that I bought this as a gift for slimming down a few inches off my waist and bust. I really did like this design as it looks and feels more Otome to me than anything else. So it's probably a dress that can lean to either side depending how I dress along with it. And I know... Another pink dress.

It seems that my resolution to buy five main pieces that aren't pink this year seems to be heading in the wrong direction... But my other dress I preordered might change that.

So I'm subscribed to Metamorphose's mailing list so I get updates and I wasn't even busy reading it until I saw written in katakana the words "Kamen Rider". So I had to jump on it, since the item was being sold on August 10th 6:30pm Japan time. The thing was... It was sold out within minutes. Yup a Kamen Rider Wizard collaboration with Metamorphose.
Kamen Rider Wizard collaboration dress in Wine Red
To be perfectly honest, red wasn't my first choice, it was actually the ivory color but red was the only thing left and I didn't want to be put on a waiting list, so I just preordered it. I was glad too because I got one of the last ones. The series is completely sold out. I haven't watched "Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land" which is what the dress is based off of one of Koyomi's outfits, I think. There is a matching cape to this though, but even though I think it's super cute I just couldn't see myself buy it.
Kamen Rider Wizard full collaboration coordination
Though they did another Wizard one earlier, because the outfit Koyomi initially wears is from Metamorphose. Same with the Goth girl Tomoko in Kamen Rider Fourze. Though overall, it seems that out of all the brands, Metamorphose does the most collaborations and more of them do get posted online for everyone to buy.

So hey, one dress down. Four more to go.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Yami Marik from Kotobukiya ArtFx-J line

So what's better than a figure of one of the shows you nostalgia over? When that figure is a man. No seriously, it seems that the Otaku/Anime market has finally figured out that they should be making more female oriented figures, which means more males.

At events such as Comiket women dump more money per men on a whole for goods, so why haven't they been making anything until now? No idea, maybe they just didn't want to take a chance.

Anyway recently on preorder was Yami Marik from Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters. Now to be honest, he's one of my favorite villans, just because of the rediculous faces that he makes. You know what I'm talking about, and if you don't.... Kotobukiya made it an optional head sculpt.
Yami Marik Optional Face Part
Yup folks, the face only a mother, and rabid fangirls can love. Honestly I probably would only use that face for joke pictures because... It kinda creeps me out. The normal face is much better.
Yami Marik Original Face
He's still smirking which is great. Because smirks are a good look on villains. But really I can't wait till he is released which if there are no delays, December 2013.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Slight family crisis and good feel weight loss

Well there has been a lot of stuff going down in the house the last couple of weeks.

Mom got sent to the emergency room, turns out she has a potassium deficiency. Dad got relived from his job due to medical complications, a month earlier than expected. And his final paycheck and vacation pay aren't here yet, it should be a week or so before we get those. *sigh* Yeah right now he's just sitting at home with his leg propped up taking antibiotics he got when he visited the doctor in Singapore.

So things are going to be rather tight financially for the household until my dad has another job. Which may take a month at least.

Also the truck is pretty shot, as it needs to be repaired with a $500 piece of equipment. Plus the instillation of it, which turns it out to be over a grand just to fix a stupid hose...

So yeah pretty much, real life hasn't been treating me all that well...

Donut Joe knows how it is
But on the other hand. Before I go to Japan next year I really wanted to lose the weight that I have gotten amassed over the years and it seems that I am doing something right... As I've almost lost 5lbs in three weeks, this is the start of week three.

What I did was I started to just track everything and calorie count. So I have a journal of everything I eat and drink (that has a calorie intake) and just make sure to try to not go over the daily recommendation of calories.

Now unlike some people I know who totally avoid fast food and junk on diets, we can say this is more of a life style change as I'm just trying to eat out less and take care of my body better. In my journal though you can see sometimes there's a burger from Dairy Queen or a Smothered burrito with a Baja Blast from Taco Bell.

But even with food that's not so good every once in a while, there's tons of good eatings in there, and it makes me proud. I feel really proud of myself since now I'm finally losing the weight for me and not for anyone else.