Monday, June 17, 2013

Things elude me...Always

Long time no post. I've been kind of busy for a while and took a short hiatus but now I'm back. Life is all straightened up and back in order so things are good.

So over the course of the last three months I have been attempting to buy some otome clothes, to get some of my lolita resolutions checked off, and for the life of me... IT WASN'T GOING TO HAPPEN. Every time I tried to bid on something on YJA it was a battle between me and 4 other Japanese gals. >.< I don't blame anyone since the items I was trying to get all started at a low price, and were pretty coveted otome prints. But still I would have thought by now I would have had one.

But since I didn't buy anything for a long time I thought I would give myself a break from Otome/Lolita fashion buying and get something fun. So I popped over to Galaxxxy and bought a cute shirt and skirt.
Sweetie Belle shirt from Galaxxy
I kinda became a fan of these big mid-drift tees because they're so big and great for layering. And not only that it's an official My Little Pony; Friendship is magic tee (yeah I like ponies). And of all the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Sweetie Belle is my favorite so I just had to get this tee!

Oddly enough Galaxxxy does some very interesting collaborations with shows including; Panty and Stocking, Evangelion, Dirty Pair (old school version), Wooser, and Creamy Mami.

I kind of kept going back and forth about getting this until I saw that they upload pictures of people wearing it, then I was sold.
Model Shot from Galaxxxy
I liked how big and roomy it looks on her and how easy you could coordinate it if you had the right things in your wardrobe and I believe I do have them. So I can't wait to get the shirt.

Also I bought a skirt from Galaxxxy as well.
Positive Stripe skirt from Galaxxxy
It's just a simple elastic skirt, but it just looks so interesting to me, and since I wear a lot of black outside of work. It should look pretty good.
Model Shot from Galaxxxy
It's another item that's easy to coordinate and you could mess with contrasting colors quite a bit as well. I'll probably wear some simple tights with it since I don't want to draw too much attention to my legs, but it is a good start of slowly phasing out most pants from my daily wardrobe.

I almost forgot how much fun J-fashion was outside of Lolita/Otome and I'm really glad I spent the money on these two items. They should be here before Friday and I can't wait.