Monday, June 17, 2013

Things elude me...Always

Long time no post. I've been kind of busy for a while and took a short hiatus but now I'm back. Life is all straightened up and back in order so things are good.

So over the course of the last three months I have been attempting to buy some otome clothes, to get some of my lolita resolutions checked off, and for the life of me... IT WASN'T GOING TO HAPPEN. Every time I tried to bid on something on YJA it was a battle between me and 4 other Japanese gals. >.< I don't blame anyone since the items I was trying to get all started at a low price, and were pretty coveted otome prints. But still I would have thought by now I would have had one.

But since I didn't buy anything for a long time I thought I would give myself a break from Otome/Lolita fashion buying and get something fun. So I popped over to Galaxxxy and bought a cute shirt and skirt.
Sweetie Belle shirt from Galaxxy
I kinda became a fan of these big mid-drift tees because they're so big and great for layering. And not only that it's an official My Little Pony; Friendship is magic tee (yeah I like ponies). And of all the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Sweetie Belle is my favorite so I just had to get this tee!

Oddly enough Galaxxxy does some very interesting collaborations with shows including; Panty and Stocking, Evangelion, Dirty Pair (old school version), Wooser, and Creamy Mami.

I kind of kept going back and forth about getting this until I saw that they upload pictures of people wearing it, then I was sold.
Model Shot from Galaxxxy
I liked how big and roomy it looks on her and how easy you could coordinate it if you had the right things in your wardrobe and I believe I do have them. So I can't wait to get the shirt.

Also I bought a skirt from Galaxxxy as well.
Positive Stripe skirt from Galaxxxy
It's just a simple elastic skirt, but it just looks so interesting to me, and since I wear a lot of black outside of work. It should look pretty good.
Model Shot from Galaxxxy
It's another item that's easy to coordinate and you could mess with contrasting colors quite a bit as well. I'll probably wear some simple tights with it since I don't want to draw too much attention to my legs, but it is a good start of slowly phasing out most pants from my daily wardrobe.

I almost forgot how much fun J-fashion was outside of Lolita/Otome and I'm really glad I spent the money on these two items. They should be here before Friday and I can't wait.


  1. That shirt is super cute!! :O I really like the Princess Celestia one too! Maybe I'm a cheapskate though... I can't see myself spending that on a tshirt. Then again I only ever wear tshirt material to work so to me it's a dress down kind of thing ^^;; That IS super tempting though.

    If it were Twilight Sparkle though I'd be throwing my money at the screen XD


    1. My mom thought it was really cute too. XD

      The shirt was mainly a buy because Sweetie Belle and Rarity are two of my favorites and there isn't a lot of official merch that isn't fandom related/jokes so I thought I'd buy it.

      After actually wearing it I don't regret it. It's too cute >:3

      I honestly hope they do more collabs with MLP FIM, because they'd make cute j-fashion coordinations.