Monday, April 21, 2014

Shifting some blog content

While I love typing on this blog about everything I do and stuff. I am going to start to filter it out a bit.

Mainly everything anime/otaku-ish is going to go onto a new blog. The reason being while this blog is mainly about everyday life I'd like a focus on my hobbies on a different place.

To be honest I don't know if this blog will get deleted eventually, but who knows.

For now I will continue to talk about real life happenings/lolita/other stuff here, but as of late I don't really have anything to post about since I am using tumblr more often than not as of late for lolita fashion and everything else.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sometimes life is horrible

Well a lot of messed up crap happened all at once.

First problem is that my mother board is fried or something is wrong with it that it only brings up the loading screen. And by loading screen I mean the screen that the people who made the mother board made. So I know something is wrong. I attempted to try and fix it but it won't even let me off that screen even though it says that I can press F2 to continue or F12 (I'm not sure if those are the correct keys) but for sure I can't do a damn thing about it since my knowledge about computers is limited.

Second while my cosplay is about 90% done came home to see my prop collapse in on itself. I couldn't salvage anything. And I have been working on it so very hard that it makes me sad that in just one fell swoop I had to toss everything into the trash.

Since some of the pieces were lighter and everything it was just a bad set up when I did the fast mache on the prop that it really just collapsed in on itself.

I did learn though that I most likely will be making nothing with mache anymore if I can help it. And that I have to plan ahead months in advance when making a prop instead of doing it last minute. I will try again to make Ruby's scythe; Crescent Rose. But this time I will make sure that I use the correct materials and work with either wonderflex or worbla.

The computer thing is the most upsetting though to be honest, since all my music was on my laptop and I don't want to buy it again since I never backed up any of the information or anything.

Just a crap day just before Sakura-con

Oh and one last crap note;

There were only 25 tickets for the tea party event. I didn't get one, in fact a lot of people didn't but that's natural seeing as there was only 25 tickets and how many people like lolita in the city alone. Also tickets aren't transferable, so if you can't go, the spot won't be filled.

Yeah..........Just a great time......