Sunday, December 22, 2013

I'm finally going to cosplay.... And I'm really scared

Well as Sakuracon draws closer my friends (the two who I saw Rebellion with) are talking about what they're going to cosplay as. And they asked me what was I going to dress up as, and I told them nothing because I'm too afraid to cosplay.

Of course they asked why and I told them the truth of what I felt; that I was too ugly and fat to cosplay. My friends couldn't believe that I would say that about myself but they saw how genuine I believe the words to be.

They told me about how much fun they have at cons when they dress up and that it doesn't have to be anything serious as sometimes they go in casual cosplay like homestuck or MLP:FIM characters. They really encouraged me to try cosplay as they said they'd be there to support me.

When I look back on it, it seems a bit funny that my friends who are a few years younger than me, had to encourage me to try cosplaying. But without them I don't think I'd ever try.

Well enough about that part, onto what I've decided to cosplay as.

I'm actually going as two characters from the Madoka Movie:Rebellion

Nagisa Momoe and Bebe
I wanted to pick something that was relatively easy and of characters I liked. These two are super adorable, and I already got some help for BeBe's wig and will be ordering the pieces to put it together soon. And funny enough one of my friends is cosplaying Mami as well, which means there will be two magical girls at least.

My mom even wants me to cosplay something else as well. We watched the first season of RWBY together and she wants me to cosplay Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose
I do like the character but out of all the characters my mom suggested Ruby is the only one I'd feel comfortable doing. Mom suggested me to dress up as Yang or Pyrrha which didn't set so well for me. Though I had an interesting time explaining to my mom just exactly what a scythe was to her.

I think for me the most fun would be in constructed the Crescent Rose scythe as I always loved making sculptures and helping out making props for people.

Looks like the next couple of months I will be super busy for the con, hopefully though all the hard work I will be doing won't be wasted.

I'm still nervous about this whole cosplaying ordeal, but I also am excited. As time goes on I hope the nervousness and doubt goes away.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Showbox Kyary Pamyu Pamyu-Going going and Sewing

So in February there's the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert in Seattle at the Showbox Market in downtown Seattle. I'll be going with a friend (one of the friends I'm going to see Madoka with). To see the concert.

Now I know that there's a lot of lolitas who dress up for her show but most likely I will not be one of them. I've been to a few live shows and I think that's just a little too restrictive for such a fun thing. Instead I might wear something in my closet or make something.

Also, one of my actual real life (not lolita fashion based) resolution actually came true. I've learned how to sew. As of right now I cannot make anything super amazing but my mom has been teaching me and she got me a little compact sewing machine to work with that I can place on my desk and can sew and stuff.

Hopefully I'll actually make something good enough to show off.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sakuracon 2014

Well Sakuracon is close at hand. I just bought my ticket and reserved the hotel for my group. That's right it's just more than me and my BFF going this year. I actually made two new, close friends (female friends) at work. And they both like anime/manga and even fashion (J-fashion though). So it's really going to be fun.

I can't believe our hotel is going to be close to $1,000 though. But it's a much easier burden when everyone is paying, also we have to deal with the fact that the hotel parking is also valet but when there's only about half a block to the convention center...WHO CARES.

This con is going to be really great. The only way it could possibly get better is if we get lolita brands up here again like they did with Chantilly a while ago.

The only somewhat sad part about this, it may be the only con I go to for a long while. I can't go to AX this year because it's in super close proximity to Sakuracon and also with the fact that I'll finally be going back to school in the spring (right around the con too) it's not economical.

But there are a few fall cons I am seeing that I wouldn't mind going to PMX, PAX Prime, and also Rufflecon are all happening and it might be fun to attend one of those as well.
It's going to be an interesting next 2014 to say the least.

Also with my lolita fashion resolutions, I haven't been up on them and haven't gotten even one of my goals fulfilled yet. >.< I must be really bad at this.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Madoka Magica -Rebellion-

Madoka Magica Part Three -Rebellion-
Guess whose going to watch the Madoka Magica movie in their city on December 8th... THIS GAL!

I'm like really stoked to see this movie and I'm going to see it with a couple of gals from work who are also into anime and when I told them about this movie we all got our tickets. The only thing that sucks is I haven't seen the first two...

But don't worry we're seeing those at a matinee at the same movie theater we're seeing the third movie at. So we're going to marathon all three movies and it's going to be so epic!!!

So very excited about this! I don't like watching movies at theaters and even more so I don't like watching them alone. But I'm just so happy right now I could burst! December couldn't come soon enough!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This is getting a bit silly now....

This is nothing against the place I preordered these shoes from, but my god. How long are they going to be postponed.

I reserved these Creamy Mami shoes to come out June, and still the date just got pushed back, again. For the sixth month in a row.
Creamy Mami 30th anniversary shoes
The shoes in question are to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the show. And there were many collaborations this year with many youth brands (lots of lolita brands) at LaForet. But you know I preordered these. Now I do expect delays... But this is just getting ridiculous.

I mean I don't have anything to wear them with at the moment. But I've been investing in my regular wardrobe and generally starting to intergrade a full J-fashion wardrobe, so that's why the shoes were bought.

Basically I'm just frustrated with how long a wait its been. But hopefully when they finally do get released it will all be worth it.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Leggings and bonding with my mom

Oddly enough I've been bonding with my mom more lately. This is actually a little bit weird since my mom is my mom and rather quite a nutter sometimes. But as of late she's been more interested in what I wear and what I'm doing with my spare time.

Anyway my mom was oddly happy when she heard that I was ordering leggings from online. There was a lot of praise for that until I got the package in and my mom went full >:/

Bravest Warrior Tights from WELOVEFINE

Lady Rainicorn Tights from WELOVEFINE
I think they weren't what she was expecting. Though oddly enough she didn't mind the Lady Rainicorn leggings though, she thinks Lady is really cute. But she didn't like the Bravest Warrior tights.

But when we went out on the 29th I kept getting comments about my Bravest Warrior tights. The typical ones were asking if they were Adventure Time tights (this happens a lot when I wear them) but I kept getting told how cute they were (even from older ladies, which was adorable) and one person even wanted to know where I got them.

But the fun part was when my mom just nonchalantly told me that we needed to make a skirt or something for the tights so that they'd match better with my clothes. It was a really surprising moment for me.

Though I'm not one to like the tights from Blackmilk and stuff, I kinda wanna try my own hand at making tights. It seems like a lot of fun.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Musee du Chocolate in Ivory and more Fashion Resolution talk

Well I bought dress #2 in a color way other than pink the other day.
Musee du Chocolate-Angelic Pretty
This was actually a dress I did want after seeing the pictures from Kera magazine. So I was super glad when the English-AP site put up a few more dresses. There were three ivory pieces restocked and one mint one. I decided to go for the ivory because it honestly looked the best out of all the colors. Ivory is such a nice color and I actually now have a chocolate print that actually looks like chocolate. While Melty Chocolate is still cute... I don't think pink chocolate bars appear very much.
Close up detail
I still think though, the little details of the dress make it lovely, the top is really nice. I enjoy it a lot. I think it makes it look slightly more like a uniform or a dress-uniform piece. Though I may be the only one getting the feeling from the top part of the jumper skirt.

It's two dresses down already, and only three more to go. I wonder what the other two colors will be? I'm just really happy that I was able to even get two new dresses to go toward my lolita fashion resolution. It's honestly more than I ever thought I was going to get. I actually thought it was just going to be pink forever with me. Though right now, even with not that many months left before the new year. I feel like I will be able to get my resolutions done and accomplished. And therefore making my wardrobe more varied.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Too much to buy, not enough money.... And redecorations

Every time I go onto Amiami, or online I just find so much to buy. But I know I have to keep spending down so that I can save for my trip to Japan and for school and cons. Though I was able to do the remodeling I wanted to do and am out about $900 but it was worth it. I ended up just getting a new TV and a tower system so now I have a non piece of shit computer that can run Steam besides Bejeweled (don't judge me, I like puzzle games).

But luckily mom gave me my birthday present a little bit early. Martha Stewart cabinets and an Ikea drawer for my room. All we have to do now is just paint my bed frame, my outdoor closet and my desk (if we don't end up making one) white and then everything will be perfect.

I do have my Metamorphose collaboration dress with Kamen Rider Wizard on the way, also the R-series dress as well. But I did end up purchasing two things from Japan that were a bit of impulse buys for my kitchen.
Lekue-Spain made, bought in Japan

 First one up is a Lekue steamer. Made in Spain, bought in Japan. Wacky right? Well it seems that the pink one is hard to buy and most of the shops that carried it on had it sold out. I was able to find this three pack though for $35 after FromJapan's rakuten promotion. They've got rakuten promotionals all the time and I suggest buying something from rakuten when they come up. Well anyway the Lekue steamer is what it is, just a steamer but since I eat a lot of steamed veggies right now I can put a good heaping and just steam them up real quick. So I bought it for my weightloss (I'm already almost down 10lbs :3 )

Honestly I've bought some wacky dieting aids before from Japan and they didn't really work. But this just seems practical. Also it comes with a cookbook so at least I can use it as well just in case I run out of ideas. Also Japan has a lot of Lekue cookbooks and cookbooks for all sorts of single silicone steamers so it's a really good investment to me.

The other thing I bought... Well I just really wanted it...
just look at dem bishoujou eyes
That's right... MANGA PLATE.

There have been a few of them circling around the internet and places like Bento&Co have them but I wanted to see all the designs. And honestly this one caught my eyes the most. Because it's so magical. Just look at her eye that dessert.

I will put everything on that plate just so that it looks magical. But in all honesty. I will use these plates. I wanna get a couple more designs but probably not until later down the line.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Lovely Glutton and Kamen Rider...Lolita?!

I actually bought quite a bit of lolita things this month... Ok well not a lot just two dresses that are both coming in late August.

The first one is To My Lovely Glutton from R-Series.
R-Series To My Lovely Glutton in Dusty Pink
 Ok, I know it's going to be a little bit funny or perhaps ironic that I bought this as a gift for slimming down a few inches off my waist and bust. I really did like this design as it looks and feels more Otome to me than anything else. So it's probably a dress that can lean to either side depending how I dress along with it. And I know... Another pink dress.

It seems that my resolution to buy five main pieces that aren't pink this year seems to be heading in the wrong direction... But my other dress I preordered might change that.

So I'm subscribed to Metamorphose's mailing list so I get updates and I wasn't even busy reading it until I saw written in katakana the words "Kamen Rider". So I had to jump on it, since the item was being sold on August 10th 6:30pm Japan time. The thing was... It was sold out within minutes. Yup a Kamen Rider Wizard collaboration with Metamorphose.
Kamen Rider Wizard collaboration dress in Wine Red
To be perfectly honest, red wasn't my first choice, it was actually the ivory color but red was the only thing left and I didn't want to be put on a waiting list, so I just preordered it. I was glad too because I got one of the last ones. The series is completely sold out. I haven't watched "Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land" which is what the dress is based off of one of Koyomi's outfits, I think. There is a matching cape to this though, but even though I think it's super cute I just couldn't see myself buy it.
Kamen Rider Wizard full collaboration coordination
Though they did another Wizard one earlier, because the outfit Koyomi initially wears is from Metamorphose. Same with the Goth girl Tomoko in Kamen Rider Fourze. Though overall, it seems that out of all the brands, Metamorphose does the most collaborations and more of them do get posted online for everyone to buy.

So hey, one dress down. Four more to go.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Yami Marik from Kotobukiya ArtFx-J line

So what's better than a figure of one of the shows you nostalgia over? When that figure is a man. No seriously, it seems that the Otaku/Anime market has finally figured out that they should be making more female oriented figures, which means more males.

At events such as Comiket women dump more money per men on a whole for goods, so why haven't they been making anything until now? No idea, maybe they just didn't want to take a chance.

Anyway recently on preorder was Yami Marik from Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters. Now to be honest, he's one of my favorite villans, just because of the rediculous faces that he makes. You know what I'm talking about, and if you don't.... Kotobukiya made it an optional head sculpt.
Yami Marik Optional Face Part
Yup folks, the face only a mother, and rabid fangirls can love. Honestly I probably would only use that face for joke pictures because... It kinda creeps me out. The normal face is much better.
Yami Marik Original Face
He's still smirking which is great. Because smirks are a good look on villains. But really I can't wait till he is released which if there are no delays, December 2013.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Slight family crisis and good feel weight loss

Well there has been a lot of stuff going down in the house the last couple of weeks.

Mom got sent to the emergency room, turns out she has a potassium deficiency. Dad got relived from his job due to medical complications, a month earlier than expected. And his final paycheck and vacation pay aren't here yet, it should be a week or so before we get those. *sigh* Yeah right now he's just sitting at home with his leg propped up taking antibiotics he got when he visited the doctor in Singapore.

So things are going to be rather tight financially for the household until my dad has another job. Which may take a month at least.

Also the truck is pretty shot, as it needs to be repaired with a $500 piece of equipment. Plus the instillation of it, which turns it out to be over a grand just to fix a stupid hose...

So yeah pretty much, real life hasn't been treating me all that well...

Donut Joe knows how it is
But on the other hand. Before I go to Japan next year I really wanted to lose the weight that I have gotten amassed over the years and it seems that I am doing something right... As I've almost lost 5lbs in three weeks, this is the start of week three.

What I did was I started to just track everything and calorie count. So I have a journal of everything I eat and drink (that has a calorie intake) and just make sure to try to not go over the daily recommendation of calories.

Now unlike some people I know who totally avoid fast food and junk on diets, we can say this is more of a life style change as I'm just trying to eat out less and take care of my body better. In my journal though you can see sometimes there's a burger from Dairy Queen or a Smothered burrito with a Baja Blast from Taco Bell.

But even with food that's not so good every once in a while, there's tons of good eatings in there, and it makes me proud. I feel really proud of myself since now I'm finally losing the weight for me and not for anyone else.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A very small peeve of mine...

Since I'm into figure buying and stuff, I tend to sell things I don't like but another problem has arisen from that... People trying to ask if I will sell stuff from my personal collection.

It was pretty flattering the first time... But so many messages later about it. I'm kind of getting tired to be honest. But I don't wanna be a jerk and put it on my head page saying for either people to stop or address it. So pretty much after this small vent, I'm taking it in stride.

Also I got my Rin/Mecha Wooser today. Maybe I'll take pictures and post them up or something. Nendoroids are fun after all.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Things elude me...Always

Long time no post. I've been kind of busy for a while and took a short hiatus but now I'm back. Life is all straightened up and back in order so things are good.

So over the course of the last three months I have been attempting to buy some otome clothes, to get some of my lolita resolutions checked off, and for the life of me... IT WASN'T GOING TO HAPPEN. Every time I tried to bid on something on YJA it was a battle between me and 4 other Japanese gals. >.< I don't blame anyone since the items I was trying to get all started at a low price, and were pretty coveted otome prints. But still I would have thought by now I would have had one.

But since I didn't buy anything for a long time I thought I would give myself a break from Otome/Lolita fashion buying and get something fun. So I popped over to Galaxxxy and bought a cute shirt and skirt.
Sweetie Belle shirt from Galaxxy
I kinda became a fan of these big mid-drift tees because they're so big and great for layering. And not only that it's an official My Little Pony; Friendship is magic tee (yeah I like ponies). And of all the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Sweetie Belle is my favorite so I just had to get this tee!

Oddly enough Galaxxxy does some very interesting collaborations with shows including; Panty and Stocking, Evangelion, Dirty Pair (old school version), Wooser, and Creamy Mami.

I kind of kept going back and forth about getting this until I saw that they upload pictures of people wearing it, then I was sold.
Model Shot from Galaxxxy
I liked how big and roomy it looks on her and how easy you could coordinate it if you had the right things in your wardrobe and I believe I do have them. So I can't wait to get the shirt.

Also I bought a skirt from Galaxxxy as well.
Positive Stripe skirt from Galaxxxy
It's just a simple elastic skirt, but it just looks so interesting to me, and since I wear a lot of black outside of work. It should look pretty good.
Model Shot from Galaxxxy
It's another item that's easy to coordinate and you could mess with contrasting colors quite a bit as well. I'll probably wear some simple tights with it since I don't want to draw too much attention to my legs, but it is a good start of slowly phasing out most pants from my daily wardrobe.

I almost forgot how much fun J-fashion was outside of Lolita/Otome and I'm really glad I spent the money on these two items. They should be here before Friday and I can't wait.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Because one Kamen Rider War wasn't enough...

I can't wait for May, because Kamen Rider Battride War is coming out and I preordered a copy. Got the premium edition. Well you see there isn't much difference between the two besides one main thing. In the premium edition you get the themes of the Kamen Riders... I think there's a total of 30 copyright songs in the game that you get or something. I don't remember what was writen on AmiAmi's site. All I remember was I had to preorder it, because... KAMEN RIDER. Here is a preview movie straight from Bandai-Namco.

Though you get to see quite a few Riders the main focus seems to be on Wizard since he's the newest Rider, and it makes sense to just kinda show off the new guy.
Because no post about Kamen Rider would be a post without the signature Rider Kick
I really can't blame them though, Wizard's element changing ability is a pretty cool thing to show, he's got lots of powers and it could make the game really interesting. I think the best part of the preview is when see Den-O in Liner form preforming the Densha Giri. Just because Ryoutaro and Kamen Rider Den-O is probably my favorite from the series.

Speaking of Liner Forms and Kamen Rider Den-O, I did preorder said action figure.
Kamen Rider Den-O, Liner Form from S.H. Figurats
I know these scale of toys aren't really my thing, but with my redecorating I just wanted some of them to add to my collection and to display. There are way more than just this guy, but I'd thought I would just add it in this post since I ended up talking about Den-O for a bit.

To be honest I was just lucky I could preorder him. I was trying to go to sleep and just checked AmiAmi and there he was up, so I just took it as a sign and preordered him. And that's the end of the boring story.

Like I said I did preorder more and it will be coming up in another post, but I will just say now, it's just Wizard toys. Because Wizard is the Kamen Rider currently. But I ordered another one from another show, though I won't tell you who it is.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger Season 2

Tokusatsu series always have a special place in my heart (and in my wallet). And I just wanted to show everyone the second season promo of  "Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger". If you've never seen Akibaranger and grew up watching the Sentai Series/Power Rangers. This show will actually be a nostalgia trip for you, as it's made for the the audience that has grown up on this stuff. Anyway, it features Akiba-Red just being himself. And the actor is very emotional and puts his all into even the short preformance and really pulls off being a great sentai otaku.

If anything, I really can't wait for the second season to start. I also cannot wait to see how the new Akiba-Blue is going to pan out. Also love the fact that KozKoz is going to wear male uniforms instead of female ones in the sentai cafe.

Oh boy~Oh BOY~OH BOY!!!!!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sakuracon, Lolita, and BEAST

So as Sakuracon draws closer I'm getting pumped up for various reasons.

I got my Instax camera and waiting for film. Yeah it probably seems really lame for a person still taking pictures with a regular camera that prints out film. But I want to keep my memories, and it seems when I use my digital camera I never print out pictures. While if I have a camera that develops on the spot I can enjoy my pictures and create long lasting memories in an album or scrapbook.

Friend is coming back on the 24 which is the same day my mom is leaving. Now I get a three month vacation from my mother, which is a nice break since my mom is sort of unstable. Now I'm not being mean, I love my mom but distance away from her every once in a while is good. And she gets to see her family back home in the P.I. Also she's doing me a little favor. She's fixing a skirt of mine that I can't fit.
Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House-Pink
Yeah so she's going to get the seamstress to take the waist ties and turn it into an extension for the waist so that I can finally wear the skirt. I really love the skirt and its super cute in person. But I'm glad she's doing this favor for me since it will be nice for me to have it fixed. Also she's going to get a vest fixed for me as well.
Metamorphose Fancy Egg Vest
I actually thought the shirring on the Fancy Egg vest was going to fit me... Was wrong... So she's going to get the seamstress to deconstruct it and add panels of black on the side. I just have to get the materials for that though.

I know that other lolitas don't like it when people alter their things, but these are mine. And I won't be reselling them anyway since I buy my things to keep. And lots of lolitas in Japan do it as well. I've actually bought some skirts that have had their shirring 100% removed and second hand clothing is always more loose more the time, so I have no problem with not getting my money back if I end up selling them, but I don't really intend to anyway. I think the irony of getting these fixed when my mom is in the Philippines though is... Both on the tag say "Made in the Philippines".

Lastly I was browsing Premium Bandai for some cool Kamen Rider W or Kamen Rider Wizard stuff when I stopped upon this.
Kosuke Nitoh's Wolf Vest
It's Kosuke Nitoh (Kamen Rider Beast) replica of his vest. It's a really cool ota-good and I so want it. Along with his token Lion shirt and belt. The vest alone though comes in an XL size and is meant to stay open so there's no need to worry if it's small and I can fit Japanese XL size just fine (Mens XL) so I'm really looking into purchasing this. The one thing though is it's about 22,000 yen so pretty much a dress second hand. But I really can't stop looking at it. So if I end up not buying a dress at Sakuracon or not being able to... There's still something I can purchase at home that weekend.

The one downside of the vest is the fake fur part is darker than Kosuke's in the series.
Haruto and Kosuke before turning into Wizard and Beast
See it's a more natural color in the actual show, but I'm not complaining all that much. Since they also have it in a light blue vest as well. I'm a bit sad though... All the XL lion shirts are sold out. I really wanted one. But they still have Buffa, Dolphi, Cameleo, and Falco shirts left all based on his mantles and they look just as awesome.

Only 24 days left till the con. SHITS GONNA BE EPIC. Hopefully I'll eventually decide what to wear and I hope everyone going will have a good time... And I hope I'm not sick for day one. I always seem to get sick on day one of every con I go to. But I'm just getting better from whatever dumb crud has been going around, since I interact with people constantly. But you know... Got my time off and only work two days that week so it's going to be fun regardless.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Redecorating in June-ish

I'm kind of getting of my same old room in this house. I don't have any problems with the paint. In fact pink and more pink is awesome but I'm tired of what I see in this room. I wanna change it up. Which means getting a new desk and for sure getting some new equipment.

I need to "finally" get a desktop computer since I am tired of just using this laptop for everything. And then just finally keep my laptop on JP settings so that I can just play VNs and stuff on it. While I make the desktop for regular gaming and for art and other things. It's easier just to have a console just for playing VNs since some things can get messed up when you switch back and forth from US-JP and back. And then I wouldn't have to keep deleting my VN saves just to have room for everything else on my computer.
Rance Sex Change-It's kinda how constantly switching seems like
Also I want to get a new desk and probably a new bedframe for my room as well. My mom says we can just paint the old bedframe white but I told her I'd rather just have a new frame and since I'm paying for it, why not just get a new one. Since the frame I'm using was her old one. And there are lots of cute bed frames at ikea. Right now I'm just trying to adjust everything so that it's more to my liking more than anything else. Since the house will become mine (in about 7 more years it gets turned over to me because it will be fully paid off) I've started changing the house slighty starting with my room and the kitchen.

Though I haven't done anything major to the kitchen yet....

Monday, February 4, 2013

Creating and Reorganizing Decks

Well for the last couple of hours I was pretty much doing one thing.... Creating one Magic The Gathering Deck and reorganizing and updating another.

I first created a Black/White deck with a limit of 65 cards so that I could draw the cards I need. But man it was really hard to find cards that would fit in nicely with my deck. But when I was reorganizing my White/Green deck... MY GOD. Seriously, reducing the deck was impossible.

I started out with so many cards in my deck, not including the land cards. I reduced my deck by about 30 cards... Which may seem like a lot, but my deck was pushing 100 cards itself. Too many. XD And to be honest, with a smaller deck I have the better chance of drawing a card I really want to get.

Anyway, I've gotta shuffle my decks a couple of times to make sure that everything is divided up. Because I'm not the type to mana weave, and in fact I find it to be stupid.
Screw you... Just don't mana weave
And Gate Crash recently came out... Time to buy some more Magic cards... Because they're like crack. Delicious card game crack.

Monday, January 21, 2013

T-Shirts and Good News... And Sakuracon!

So I got my shirts from There's just one problem though, I think they were probably delivered on Friday or Saturday to the house. Now the mailman is pretty good at giving things to us, if it's an international package it's delivered straight to us, or if it's too big to sit in the mailbox it's put in a safe spot in the front porch. But this time, it was actually hidden. But since Welovefine never changed my order from "In printing" to shipped and sent an automatic confirmation, it was a really big hassle.

I may order from them again, but this time I will email the customer service once seven days have passed without an answer.

Pinkie Pie knows the feels I've felt for years
It's going to be so great to have her back, and I'm going to do my best to help her find a job and a place to stay since she can only stay in the house for three months (while my mom is gone). But even then, mom said that if she needed help, she'd be more than willing to give her some money each month to help her on her feet.

But not only that, since around that time a certain con is happening, I've bought tickets and reserved a hotel... FOR SAKURA-CON
Now see Sakura-con actually has a very special meaning to me with her. The first time I went I was all alone pretty much, and I was hanging around with the wrong crowd of people. These people weren't even there because they liked anime, more because of lolita-fashion and they constantly picked on me for actually liking the stuff. So I gave it one more try with my BFF and I was hooked, I loved lots of it. AMVs, panels, masquerades, a lot of stuff.

The last time we went to Sakura-con was shortly before she left in 2009, so I wanted it to be special, so in 2013 I'm pretty much using all of my tax return and we'll be going together. I've got only two full months left to save up for some extra spending cash. So after I pay for Fancy Egg, it's pretty much holding off of everything except for stuff I need for work and food for the house (if I can't get mom to pay for it).

I'm really in a great and happy and I can't stop smiling. So it's time for the Smile Song sang by Pinkie Pie!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I really hate delays... My gripe with We Love Fine

How I feel at the moment about delays everywhere
Well Accelerator is still delayed. His release date changed to winter 2013, which means any time in winter, though on the company site, it says that he should be finished and heading out in February. We'll see though.

Also another reason why I currently have been feeling a lot of order hate is because my package from still hasn't shipped yet. I ordered it on the 30th and they said that they'd be back in office at the 2nd of January. Well also they say it only takes 7 business days for it to process... When I'm writing this journal entry it's already the 20th, the month is almost up. And it seems people are getting their packages in a month after they've ordered it.

When Monday rolls along and my item still hasn't been shipped I'm going to write them an email letting them know how I feel. I was going to buy a lot of things from them (iPod case, shirts, sweaters, and hoodies) but now with the weeks of waiting, I'm not really in the mood to wait for weeks again just for a few items.

I mean it's one thing to order something through a shopping service and it having to take a week or two, but for something straight from the manufacturer themselves? I'm really fed up with it.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Lolita Fashion Resolutions for 2013

Though I have some regular resolutions up I wanted to do a specific one on lolita fashion resolutions that I want to achieve in 2013. Most of these, if not all pretty much just regard my closet and what I want to fill inside of them.

-Buy at least five main pieces that aren't pink
   I have a problem with just sticking with one color. And while it is a color I really love... Getting other clothes with different colors would be nice. Black is the second biggest color in my wardrobe but that's including the Fancy Egg series stuff I preordered from Metamorphose. Don't get me wrong I super LOVE the color pink, but I want a lot more variety in my wardrobe not just one color.

-Buy at least one item either in the Alice or Trump (playing card) theme
   When I got into lolita, Alice in Wonderland and Trump card dresses were all the rage. And I want something in my collection to reflect that. While I do have one bag from Angelic Pretty that has a trump theme I want a main piece though.
Angelic Pretty-Trump Jacket
-Buy at least one black and white blouse
    This also was a problem with having a mainly pink wardrobe. I have only blouses and blazers that are pink, not much of anything else. So I need to get at least one black and one white blouse. I'll probably be looking towards getting them off of taobao instead of buying them from brand as I am still too big for most brand blouses, and they're rather expensive first hand being $200.

-Get at least one piece from an Otome brand
    I really like Jane Marple and Emily Temple Cute. And you can always find at least something shirred like a fully elastic skirt or at least a dress with entire back shirring, so I'd love to get a piece from either of the brands. Doesn't matter to me if it's a first hand or second hand item, just as long as I really like it that's the important part.
Emily Temple Cute-Cake Dress
Maybe I'll add more later, but as of right now, this is all I can think of.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Curse you blogger... Stop glitching

Ok so dumb moment. Blogger is being all wonky again. I think I just replied to someones old post like 2-3 month old post because it was at the top of my blogger feed. Damnit blogger stop being all wonky-You're making me look like a tool!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

May you rest in pieces, sweet bento box

As I was packing my lunch for work, I just noticed something horrible. My bento box has a giant crack in it, which means I can no longer use it as the items will just spill through. This makes me exceptionally sad as it was my first bento box. We've been through a lot of things together, a lot of good times and a lot of experimental meals. It really breaks my heart to see it go. Especially since it was a college gift from my mother.
I will really miss my rabbit bento box
Good night sweet rabbit bento box, we've been together for so long... I'll miss putting delicious food into you.