Monday, February 11, 2013

Redecorating in June-ish

I'm kind of getting of my same old room in this house. I don't have any problems with the paint. In fact pink and more pink is awesome but I'm tired of what I see in this room. I wanna change it up. Which means getting a new desk and for sure getting some new equipment.

I need to "finally" get a desktop computer since I am tired of just using this laptop for everything. And then just finally keep my laptop on JP settings so that I can just play VNs and stuff on it. While I make the desktop for regular gaming and for art and other things. It's easier just to have a console just for playing VNs since some things can get messed up when you switch back and forth from US-JP and back. And then I wouldn't have to keep deleting my VN saves just to have room for everything else on my computer.
Rance Sex Change-It's kinda how constantly switching seems like
Also I want to get a new desk and probably a new bedframe for my room as well. My mom says we can just paint the old bedframe white but I told her I'd rather just have a new frame and since I'm paying for it, why not just get a new one. Since the frame I'm using was her old one. And there are lots of cute bed frames at ikea. Right now I'm just trying to adjust everything so that it's more to my liking more than anything else. Since the house will become mine (in about 7 more years it gets turned over to me because it will be fully paid off) I've started changing the house slighty starting with my room and the kitchen.

Though I haven't done anything major to the kitchen yet....


  1. Oooo maannn I'd love to have a house to decorate! So many pretty things everywhere :3

    1. Yeah it is pretty sweet, though the way my mom has it decorated now. I'm probably not going to change the parlor and the living room too much as they're very nice. But rather add stuff, because there can always be more pillows and throw blankets.