Monday, February 4, 2013

Creating and Reorganizing Decks

Well for the last couple of hours I was pretty much doing one thing.... Creating one Magic The Gathering Deck and reorganizing and updating another.

I first created a Black/White deck with a limit of 65 cards so that I could draw the cards I need. But man it was really hard to find cards that would fit in nicely with my deck. But when I was reorganizing my White/Green deck... MY GOD. Seriously, reducing the deck was impossible.

I started out with so many cards in my deck, not including the land cards. I reduced my deck by about 30 cards... Which may seem like a lot, but my deck was pushing 100 cards itself. Too many. XD And to be honest, with a smaller deck I have the better chance of drawing a card I really want to get.

Anyway, I've gotta shuffle my decks a couple of times to make sure that everything is divided up. Because I'm not the type to mana weave, and in fact I find it to be stupid.
Screw you... Just don't mana weave
And Gate Crash recently came out... Time to buy some more Magic cards... Because they're like crack. Delicious card game crack.

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