Monday, January 21, 2013

T-Shirts and Good News... And Sakuracon!

So I got my shirts from There's just one problem though, I think they were probably delivered on Friday or Saturday to the house. Now the mailman is pretty good at giving things to us, if it's an international package it's delivered straight to us, or if it's too big to sit in the mailbox it's put in a safe spot in the front porch. But this time, it was actually hidden. But since Welovefine never changed my order from "In printing" to shipped and sent an automatic confirmation, it was a really big hassle.

I may order from them again, but this time I will email the customer service once seven days have passed without an answer.

Pinkie Pie knows the feels I've felt for years
It's going to be so great to have her back, and I'm going to do my best to help her find a job and a place to stay since she can only stay in the house for three months (while my mom is gone). But even then, mom said that if she needed help, she'd be more than willing to give her some money each month to help her on her feet.

But not only that, since around that time a certain con is happening, I've bought tickets and reserved a hotel... FOR SAKURA-CON
Now see Sakura-con actually has a very special meaning to me with her. The first time I went I was all alone pretty much, and I was hanging around with the wrong crowd of people. These people weren't even there because they liked anime, more because of lolita-fashion and they constantly picked on me for actually liking the stuff. So I gave it one more try with my BFF and I was hooked, I loved lots of it. AMVs, panels, masquerades, a lot of stuff.

The last time we went to Sakura-con was shortly before she left in 2009, so I wanted it to be special, so in 2013 I'm pretty much using all of my tax return and we'll be going together. I've got only two full months left to save up for some extra spending cash. So after I pay for Fancy Egg, it's pretty much holding off of everything except for stuff I need for work and food for the house (if I can't get mom to pay for it).

I'm really in a great and happy and I can't stop smiling. So it's time for the Smile Song sang by Pinkie Pie!

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  1. Awesome! :D
    I'll probably be at Sakuracon this year as well... maybe we'll bump into each other? :3