Sunday, January 20, 2013

I really hate delays... My gripe with We Love Fine

How I feel at the moment about delays everywhere
Well Accelerator is still delayed. His release date changed to winter 2013, which means any time in winter, though on the company site, it says that he should be finished and heading out in February. We'll see though.

Also another reason why I currently have been feeling a lot of order hate is because my package from still hasn't shipped yet. I ordered it on the 30th and they said that they'd be back in office at the 2nd of January. Well also they say it only takes 7 business days for it to process... When I'm writing this journal entry it's already the 20th, the month is almost up. And it seems people are getting their packages in a month after they've ordered it.

When Monday rolls along and my item still hasn't been shipped I'm going to write them an email letting them know how I feel. I was going to buy a lot of things from them (iPod case, shirts, sweaters, and hoodies) but now with the weeks of waiting, I'm not really in the mood to wait for weeks again just for a few items.

I mean it's one thing to order something through a shopping service and it having to take a week or two, but for something straight from the manufacturer themselves? I'm really fed up with it.

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