Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Atelier Pierrot-New Dress

So I finally bought a new dress, I really wanted something new to wear for Anime Expo but yet I kept seeing I was drawn to the same colors (lol pink). So I decided I would get a new dress in a different color and style. So I bought a black dress from Atelier Pierrot in black with gold printing.
Tea Party Dress-Front
It's a very simple black dress with gold prints around it. I really like the simple design of it and the dress can be used outside of lolita so whenever I have some sort of event I need to dress up for, I could use this dress. I really do like the Alice in Wonderland type theme, and the bows are detachable.
Tea Party Dress-Back
The back has a bustle! Yay, I really like bustles, they're very fancy. And I've got some shirring to accommodate for my size as well. If it ends up being too tight, I might get the shirring removed but from the looks of it (and from other Atelier Pierrot items) I should be good with this one.

I'm still at a loss on how exactly I will coordinate it but I'm sure to have some great ideas popping into my head soon.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Second Reproduction-First Impressions

Sometimes I just hate Otome Games. And I will tell you my rage with my first play through of "The Second Reproduction" by Heterodoxy. This is is going to be spoiler filled for the route I ended up going through... So when you see the part where I say >spoiler starts< skip if you're going to play the game.
The Second Reproduction info link from VNDB
Anyway this game deals with the age old humans vs demons Christianity=Good/Everyone Else=Die Heretics.

So you can already tell this game might be fucking sad... BIGGEST FUCKING UNDERSTATEMENT EVER. I'm a squishy kind of girl so this game made me cry about a couple of times on the route that I ended up playing and then quit afterward because I got so upset.

**Spoilers Start**
Basically because the country you come from is super religious (we're talking about these people are kind of really extremest about their religion) and your mom wants you to kill the last demon lord. And because you're a "Champion" (think of the knights of the Crusades) you're all OK I'll go into their land and just kill this guy. Your loyal knight tags along (he's actually really awesome and he's the other guy you can end up with).

So anyway you go confront the guy in his place and he says all sorts of saucy and racy crap.
Get a load of this guy... What a douche
Seriously, well anyway because I always go for the guys I like first I go through this half-demons route.

So after watching both of you die. Oh and your mom asks if you can commit suicide so that you don't look like a failure. You pretty much find the Deus Ex Machina of the game and get to try your luck at fate. And with the way I played I got the fucking bad end.

So everything goes as you would think... Until the end you confront your mom... And she kills you (because congrats you're a heretic). And then you're dying in your lovers arms and he just goes fucking insane at the end.

No seriously he goes INSANE. He turns you into a doll and then decides that since you got taken from him, he's going to kill every single fucking human.
Second End for Gardis-Doll Ending
**Spoilers End Here**

Seriously, he just fucking snapped. But I snapped too. Fucking made me really pissed. Like after this ending I deleted the game from my hard drive. And just decided to seethe for the next two days and make a post about it.

Anyway, after learning that I just got the bad end, I'm a little bit more put at ease since when I was playing the game I only saw so few picture spots so I was like. OH HELL NAH. But I'm glad there's more ending routes. I don't like sad endings like that.

I'll come back to the game at a later date, after the rage and sadness have died down and my heart is in a better state for the game. But I've got other games that I need to play through... Games that won't hurt this girl's heart.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RIO:Bone Stocking on preorder

Well today on Amiami there was the RIO:Bone Stocking pre-order. So I decided to get it since it will match my Panty (which is on the way).

Stocking by RIO:Bone
The pictures right now aren't really all that good, but you know, they're probably still the prototype. Or rather I am so hoping that it's the prototype. But she also comes with some things for Panty which is pretty awesome.
Glasses version of Panty and Stocking
The glasses look freakin' sweet. And you can only get them with the Stocking version. Honestly Stocking is my favorite of the two so I am really excited for her release. Hopefully the Demon Sisters will be coming out, but I'd take anything of them to be honest.