Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RIO:Bone Stocking on preorder

Well today on Amiami there was the RIO:Bone Stocking pre-order. So I decided to get it since it will match my Panty (which is on the way).

Stocking by RIO:Bone
The pictures right now aren't really all that good, but you know, they're probably still the prototype. Or rather I am so hoping that it's the prototype. But she also comes with some things for Panty which is pretty awesome.
Glasses version of Panty and Stocking
The glasses look freakin' sweet. And you can only get them with the Stocking version. Honestly Stocking is my favorite of the two so I am really excited for her release. Hopefully the Demon Sisters will be coming out, but I'd take anything of them to be honest.

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