Monday, January 23, 2012

New Panty Design and Yui Figure

Well the RIO:Bone Panty got delayed till February along with the Puella Magi Madoka Magica petite nendoroids, but today I saw something quite neat. On Amiami they have the new finished action figure up instead of the prototype. Here is a link to where the old pictures are on my blog and now here is the new ones!
Final Panty Image from Amiami
You can see how much the face has been tweaked, the eyes have been changed and the face has been smoothed out more instead of rather chunky and for a lack of a better word... Derpy. I don't know if the lighting is better or the fact that there's a background but it looks so much better in my eyes.

Then comes a part I'm not so happy about; the back of her legs.
Backside View
The joint kind of seems wonky, specially from the back, they're not the little nubs that I'm used to seeing in like Figma or Revoltech but I'm wondering how it will actually hold up or were they used because of the weird drawing style Gainax chose to use in making the show.

You can also see that the open face was given the same treatment as the first picture. Man I love her expressions even more now. I am quite glad that I decided to preorder her.

I also saw something quite interesting if you like the anime K-On or are a Yui fan (I sure love Yui). It's by Kyo-Ani and it's a cute super deformed singing Yui.
Super Deformed Yui Normal Face
I love her hair and the glasses. She kind of reminds me of Arare from Doctor Slump. But what made me laugh even more was the other face she comes with.
Silly Deformed Yui Face
It's such a silly face. But man... It's so cute at the same time.

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