Thursday, January 19, 2012

TYB- Dark Cherry Hama normal route

Well I'm just waiting for my confirmation for Tokyo Yamanote Boys; Sweet Jelly Bean since I just paid for it earlier today. I cannot wait to play it, I wonder what all the routes are going to be.

Also today I finished my first route with Shinnosuke Hamada aka Hama/Hammer and I really liked it. It makes me sad that the "True Ending" for his route is super creepy. But his normal route ending is so much better.

Hama is kind of a goof, a pervert and an innocent guy all wrapped up into one rich guy package, which made me kind of fall in love with him; seriously this guy is adorable. But at the same time... His choice in swimwear makes me wonder.
Private Date-Aquarium
 Like really, look at that... What are you suppose to say to that?! But I digress, Hama came off at first to be such a wimp. He cries a lot, but you can see deep down he's a super sweet guy. The scene ends rather funny (shark actually really likes him and there's a bit of a back story to it). But anyway I thought this was a really sweet scene between the main girl and Hama.

Well actually, I think this scene is better though...
Nervous to hold hands
That's right, he's nervous to take the girl's hand, instead he wanted to chain themselves together with handcuffs, but the reaction on his face, it's so innocent and pure. I really liked his reaction throughout the whole CG scene. It shows off Hama's innocent nature. Because he's got some demons in him, or at least some weird manifested personality disorder or something.
Devil Hama
Yeah see, he literally becomes a devil. Through random points in the VN you can see a little tail swish around, so when his bag grew bat wings, his voice dropped and he became this serious badass I was a little bit confused but ran with it. But he only showed up towards the end and in quite small intervals. He's actually in the ending and it made me just kind of feel awkward about Hama's route.

But I keep this in mind.... It's not as weird or messed up as the True Ending.

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