Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anthro BJDs

At first I wasn't a fan of anthro ball joint dolls, I thought for the price and size they were kind of a waste of money. But now I'm just starting to look back at them and saw that a lot of things have changed. Not with size or anything but just the way I saw them. I now see them as beautiful pieces of art and I kind of want a few.
Wake Up Ruby by Coco Tribe
I was looking at this Bunny named "Ruby" from Coco Tribe to be my first one. I really think how her bunny parts are sculpted makes her so adorable and her white skin, I really like it a lot. Thinking about giving her some pink under tones or maybe even doing a more natural brownish color with her. I think both would work really well for her.

She's not very expensive as well, found that buying her on the Taobao site compared with getting her from a US speaking site would save me some serious money (a huge enough chunk) so that I could probably get a dress with her at the same time.
The only problem with Coco Tribe for the clothes is they don't have that many that I like, so I was just thinking about getting this white dress and then ordering more stuff for them later.

I'm kind of excited to get back into collecting and customizing BJDs so it will be lots of fun doing all sorts of stuff with them. I'm just really surprised that my tastes have changed somewhat though, it's quite surprising.

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