Monday, October 28, 2013

Madoka Magica -Rebellion-

Madoka Magica Part Three -Rebellion-
Guess whose going to watch the Madoka Magica movie in their city on December 8th... THIS GAL!

I'm like really stoked to see this movie and I'm going to see it with a couple of gals from work who are also into anime and when I told them about this movie we all got our tickets. The only thing that sucks is I haven't seen the first two...

But don't worry we're seeing those at a matinee at the same movie theater we're seeing the third movie at. So we're going to marathon all three movies and it's going to be so epic!!!

So very excited about this! I don't like watching movies at theaters and even more so I don't like watching them alone. But I'm just so happy right now I could burst! December couldn't come soon enough!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This is getting a bit silly now....

This is nothing against the place I preordered these shoes from, but my god. How long are they going to be postponed.

I reserved these Creamy Mami shoes to come out June, and still the date just got pushed back, again. For the sixth month in a row.
Creamy Mami 30th anniversary shoes
The shoes in question are to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the show. And there were many collaborations this year with many youth brands (lots of lolita brands) at LaForet. But you know I preordered these. Now I do expect delays... But this is just getting ridiculous.

I mean I don't have anything to wear them with at the moment. But I've been investing in my regular wardrobe and generally starting to intergrade a full J-fashion wardrobe, so that's why the shoes were bought.

Basically I'm just frustrated with how long a wait its been. But hopefully when they finally do get released it will all be worth it.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Leggings and bonding with my mom

Oddly enough I've been bonding with my mom more lately. This is actually a little bit weird since my mom is my mom and rather quite a nutter sometimes. But as of late she's been more interested in what I wear and what I'm doing with my spare time.

Anyway my mom was oddly happy when she heard that I was ordering leggings from online. There was a lot of praise for that until I got the package in and my mom went full >:/

Bravest Warrior Tights from WELOVEFINE

Lady Rainicorn Tights from WELOVEFINE
I think they weren't what she was expecting. Though oddly enough she didn't mind the Lady Rainicorn leggings though, she thinks Lady is really cute. But she didn't like the Bravest Warrior tights.

But when we went out on the 29th I kept getting comments about my Bravest Warrior tights. The typical ones were asking if they were Adventure Time tights (this happens a lot when I wear them) but I kept getting told how cute they were (even from older ladies, which was adorable) and one person even wanted to know where I got them.

But the fun part was when my mom just nonchalantly told me that we needed to make a skirt or something for the tights so that they'd match better with my clothes. It was a really surprising moment for me.

Though I'm not one to like the tights from Blackmilk and stuff, I kinda wanna try my own hand at making tights. It seems like a lot of fun.