Monday, January 21, 2013

T-Shirts and Good News... And Sakuracon!

So I got my shirts from There's just one problem though, I think they were probably delivered on Friday or Saturday to the house. Now the mailman is pretty good at giving things to us, if it's an international package it's delivered straight to us, or if it's too big to sit in the mailbox it's put in a safe spot in the front porch. But this time, it was actually hidden. But since Welovefine never changed my order from "In printing" to shipped and sent an automatic confirmation, it was a really big hassle.

I may order from them again, but this time I will email the customer service once seven days have passed without an answer.

Pinkie Pie knows the feels I've felt for years
It's going to be so great to have her back, and I'm going to do my best to help her find a job and a place to stay since she can only stay in the house for three months (while my mom is gone). But even then, mom said that if she needed help, she'd be more than willing to give her some money each month to help her on her feet.

But not only that, since around that time a certain con is happening, I've bought tickets and reserved a hotel... FOR SAKURA-CON
Now see Sakura-con actually has a very special meaning to me with her. The first time I went I was all alone pretty much, and I was hanging around with the wrong crowd of people. These people weren't even there because they liked anime, more because of lolita-fashion and they constantly picked on me for actually liking the stuff. So I gave it one more try with my BFF and I was hooked, I loved lots of it. AMVs, panels, masquerades, a lot of stuff.

The last time we went to Sakura-con was shortly before she left in 2009, so I wanted it to be special, so in 2013 I'm pretty much using all of my tax return and we'll be going together. I've got only two full months left to save up for some extra spending cash. So after I pay for Fancy Egg, it's pretty much holding off of everything except for stuff I need for work and food for the house (if I can't get mom to pay for it).

I'm really in a great and happy and I can't stop smiling. So it's time for the Smile Song sang by Pinkie Pie!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I really hate delays... My gripe with We Love Fine

How I feel at the moment about delays everywhere
Well Accelerator is still delayed. His release date changed to winter 2013, which means any time in winter, though on the company site, it says that he should be finished and heading out in February. We'll see though.

Also another reason why I currently have been feeling a lot of order hate is because my package from still hasn't shipped yet. I ordered it on the 30th and they said that they'd be back in office at the 2nd of January. Well also they say it only takes 7 business days for it to process... When I'm writing this journal entry it's already the 20th, the month is almost up. And it seems people are getting their packages in a month after they've ordered it.

When Monday rolls along and my item still hasn't been shipped I'm going to write them an email letting them know how I feel. I was going to buy a lot of things from them (iPod case, shirts, sweaters, and hoodies) but now with the weeks of waiting, I'm not really in the mood to wait for weeks again just for a few items.

I mean it's one thing to order something through a shopping service and it having to take a week or two, but for something straight from the manufacturer themselves? I'm really fed up with it.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Lolita Fashion Resolutions for 2013

Though I have some regular resolutions up I wanted to do a specific one on lolita fashion resolutions that I want to achieve in 2013. Most of these, if not all pretty much just regard my closet and what I want to fill inside of them.

-Buy at least five main pieces that aren't pink
   I have a problem with just sticking with one color. And while it is a color I really love... Getting other clothes with different colors would be nice. Black is the second biggest color in my wardrobe but that's including the Fancy Egg series stuff I preordered from Metamorphose. Don't get me wrong I super LOVE the color pink, but I want a lot more variety in my wardrobe not just one color.

-Buy at least one item either in the Alice or Trump (playing card) theme
   When I got into lolita, Alice in Wonderland and Trump card dresses were all the rage. And I want something in my collection to reflect that. While I do have one bag from Angelic Pretty that has a trump theme I want a main piece though.
Angelic Pretty-Trump Jacket
-Buy at least one black and white blouse
    This also was a problem with having a mainly pink wardrobe. I have only blouses and blazers that are pink, not much of anything else. So I need to get at least one black and one white blouse. I'll probably be looking towards getting them off of taobao instead of buying them from brand as I am still too big for most brand blouses, and they're rather expensive first hand being $200.

-Get at least one piece from an Otome brand
    I really like Jane Marple and Emily Temple Cute. And you can always find at least something shirred like a fully elastic skirt or at least a dress with entire back shirring, so I'd love to get a piece from either of the brands. Doesn't matter to me if it's a first hand or second hand item, just as long as I really like it that's the important part.
Emily Temple Cute-Cake Dress
Maybe I'll add more later, but as of right now, this is all I can think of.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Curse you blogger... Stop glitching

Ok so dumb moment. Blogger is being all wonky again. I think I just replied to someones old post like 2-3 month old post because it was at the top of my blogger feed. Damnit blogger stop being all wonky-You're making me look like a tool!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

May you rest in pieces, sweet bento box

As I was packing my lunch for work, I just noticed something horrible. My bento box has a giant crack in it, which means I can no longer use it as the items will just spill through. This makes me exceptionally sad as it was my first bento box. We've been through a lot of things together, a lot of good times and a lot of experimental meals. It really breaks my heart to see it go. Especially since it was a college gift from my mother.
I will really miss my rabbit bento box
Good night sweet rabbit bento box, we've been together for so long... I'll miss putting delicious food into you.