Monday, December 19, 2011

This is a very delicious post

If there is one thing I love, its food.

But I also love looking for deals and shopping locally. Yes, I am one of those younger kids who goes out every Sunday and buys two or three copies of the Sunday edition of the newspaper to get good deals.

Anyway I was looking online and saw a good couple of food related articles I thought you should see.

15 foods you should never buy again

This was a real eye opener since it showed many things that I see people buy all the time, and even some stuff that I'm guilty of getting myself. Salad kits and bottled water are like my huge weaknesses since I will constantly get them all the time. Then because I buy such a huge amount I don't use them all and then feel super guilty.
Eating is better as a group

13 things you should know about farmer's markets

This one really stands out for me as there are tons of farmers markets everywhere here. Even small local ones and the big one in the state (the big one is known pretty much all over). I'm a huge supporter of local buying of everything I can, even if it costs more money. That's why I was shocked when I saw this:

3. If you spend $100 at a farmers market, $62 goes back into the local economy -- and $99 out of $100 stays in the state.

Seriously that's really great, it shows that when you support local it pays back to your economy. I really am glad the idea of the money getting put back into our state is great instead of it going somewhere else.
Eggs are one of the many local products I buy to support the local economy

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Poupee

The holiday season is here... Which means that Poupee is in the middle of another event, which is why I'm going to show you my coordinations again. Anyway, with Japan the Christmas holiday doesn't hold religious connotations as it does in the west, one might just call it the day where some people just give presents to others. New years in Japan is a much bigger event.

Anyway here are they are for you to see:

Christmas Poupee 1
The first one is always kind of boring as I didn't know the event was going on. You can see my eye glitter and my heart thingies there on the poupee, I just wanted a color scheme that seemed Christmas like without it going over board. And look Piyo even has a hat.

Christmas Poupee 2
For the second day I opened up my special socks and wore the items that were in it, the band, necklace and bracelet. Other than that I just wanted something fun to wear and something that used even one Christmas themed shop item since they change the background.

Christmas Poupee 3
And for the last one so far I just wanted to use earthy colors so I went with a brown color scheme. Out of all the outfits I'm wearing for this event, this one is my favorite.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Panty and Stocking Toys and Figures

So it's toward the end of December, I'm a bit excited.

The reason being RIO:Bone should be releasing their action figure of Panty from the anime Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. And I really can't wait for her. I was interested in getting the nendoroid of the series but then when you realize how little articulation there was on it... This version is much more fun.
RIO:Bone Panty taken from Amiami
You can see the levels of articulation and more weapons and everything. Also I believe she is coming with cast off underwear which is great since Panty needs hers for her weapon. Some people say her faces are kind of weird but you know, the deformed way the characters are drawn doesn't take to 3D as well as the angel transformation sequence.

Stocking should be coming out soon to, but we have no positive info of a preorder or a release date for her yet, but she's looking to be really cute as well.
Stocking from RIO:Bone
I really like how she looks! Simply adorable and I can't wait. Still kind of wondering what they're going to do with the bottom body part that's shown there but it could also be blanks so that she can wield her swords in the correct fashion.

The best thing that wasn't a toy that came out was a non messed up face version of Panty's transformation sequence from Alter. It's simply amazing!
Transformation Panty from Alter
 I just love everything about this figure and will be looking for her come AX2012, since she should be out by then. I'm also really hoping that they'll release a Stocking one as well since the design and face for this one is way better than the other.
Transformation Panty taken from Amiami
The face she's got is really like from the transformation sequence, it's kind of a smirk but sort of a weird yet cute facial expression. Also the backside looks like it has just as much attention to detail as the front. The hair is wonderfully designed and I like it a lot.

Overall this is one of the figures I am holding out for, Panty just is simply beautiful and I hope more figures are released from this series. I'm really hoping for a Demon Sisters: Scanty and Kneesock one. Because so far there has been little merchandise of them, and they were great in the show.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crappy day... But I got a bag

Today was the utmost horrible day I've had since I've started working, here's just a sample of what happened today at work in no order:

-Got called a bitch (this was said about a couple of inches from my face at the top of her lungs)
-Lunch was cut in half (so I couldn't eat until I got off work)
-People yelling at me because they can understand the concept of something being partially accepted
-People saying I'm stealing their info because the machine on their side won't read their card
-Double bagging everything
-Having to explain why the bill was as much as it was

If I wanted to go into much more detail about this you'd be appalled at how people acted. No seriously, I have to interact with people like this daily, but it was just crap upon crap today I couldn't take it. Working in this place has turned me so cynical it's not even funny. Now I really understand why I've never been a fan of huge retail stores (the ones where you can buy everything at once). I mean seriously, it's hard for some people to treat others with civility.

The minute I can escape from that job and get a better one I will. Mainly I'm doing this because firstly I needed a job and secondly I needed a job that will give me experience in handling money. So this crap retail job that barely pays over minimum wage was the best thing for me. But god I will be so grateful to leave there... No seriously, I will be jumping for joy.

Though because of the super crap day, I decided to get myself something. h.NAOTO is having a sale on their USA website store and i saw something that I wanted for quite some time and decided that now would be a great time to pick it up, specially with it being half off.
h.NAOTO Frill Heart Lace Bag
Since I haven't bought anything lolita related in quite a long time, this is a really nice gift to myself for the holiday season. I saw this at Anime Expo and really wanted to get it but it was just so expensive there, and this was before their US shop was located in San Fransisco, or before they had an actual physical store at all.

The bag is actually quite big and I just love it, and I can't wait for it to get here so that I can use it. Hopefully I will get a dress or something to match it. I know I keep saying that I need to get a dress but it seems to get pushed aside for other things.

While I'm at it, there's so many things I still need to do and get for AX 2012, and I need to get a start on it as soon as possible.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tights and things bought

I bought some stuff for myself with my paycheck. Nothing terribly huge, but some stuff that I've been wanting for quite some time.

I bought for myself was a pair of tights. I got them from Celeste Stein. They're the cute little cherub ones that you see a lot, or rather I've seen them a lot and I really wanted a pair all to myself. And I finally got them. They're taking about 6-10 days to be made and then they'll be coming for me. I seriously cannot wait for them to get here.

Celeste Stein Cherub Tights
 They probably won't look as nice on my legs, since mine are way bigger than her slender legs. But what was also pretty neat is that they had sizing options, S/M and L/XL and you know there's no harm in just buying a size up. My legs calves though are very toned are quite big at the same time, so that coupled in with my rather big body size, I just decided that I would just get the plus sized ones. They'll fit way better on my body anyway than not.

I think these would look really cute with Tokyo Bopper shoes though, for a otome/lolita or even just a cute regular look.

Besides the tights, I did get a rocking head piece off of Etsy from a seller that I'm also waiting for. It's probably going to be the same wait time as it will be for my tights, but I seriously think it will be worth it once I show you the piece.

Pastel Pink Braided Hair Bow Headband from CuteCandyClouds
It's very interesting don't you think? I saw this being sold a while ago and when I wanted to purchase it, well it was sold out because someone bought it. I couldn't blame them though, this color is so cute. I just had to have one for myself.

I really like the fact that it's a hairband though, I personally love wearing hairbands so the fact that I can just plop this on my head with my regular hair or with a wig, well that makes me really happy. I just can't wait for this to arrive. I have a pink wig I need to fix and I think this would look great with it. Other than that, I'll probably be wearing this cute little piece as much as I can when I'm off of work.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tiger and Bunny-Plushie and Out

If you're an avid anime watcher, you'd know that pretty much the internet is spilling to the brim with Tiger and Bunny fandom.

While as far as merchandise go there's lots of outlets from Cospa items, handheld cellphone accessories, Bandai Tamashii nations goods; there has been one outlet that has been completely neglected until recently. And that's....Plushies.

That's right folks, soon you can have your own Kotetsu T. Kaburagi or Barnaby Brooks Jr. to squeeze and adore.
Promotional display for Wild Tiger & Bunny Plushies
Being released by Alter/Gift these plusies are great for anyone who wants to see a cuter side of the two heroes of the show.

First one to be released at late January 2012 will be Wild Tiger; Kotetsu T. Kaburagi.
Wild Tiger believes in Heros
Though he's currently in disguise, you can take off his mask for him to be just plain ol' Kotetsu. The sash is also removable as well, but you know, I think it's a good look on him.

And just now recently released for preorders is Barnaby Brooks Jr. He's expected to come out late April of 2012.
Bunny and Bunny
Just like Kotetsu the sash on Barnaby will be removable but as extra added fun he comes with a cute "Bunny-chan" plush as in Episode 5.

As for these guys I am really excited about them and have both of them on preorder. And I am very excited to get them, I can't wait for the date when they each come out.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sweets Event. And Tokyo Boppers

There's another event on Poupee Girl, it's the Sweets event. It's going until December 8th (Japan time). There's nothing I really wanted but I do have some really cute coordinations from the event so far.
Sweets Event-Coordination 1
The first day I thought I would try and be all matchy with everything that was on the screen. I really like the dress I was wearing and was glad it fit really well into the event background.

Sweets Event-Coordination 2
My second coordination was a little bit more easy looking on the eyes. Don't really have much to say about this one, just that I really like the dress. I got it from Piyo Catcher game so it's really lucky for me.

Sweets Event-Coordination 3
My latest coordination, I just wanted a good reason to wear my hello kitty dress again. And oddly enough it kind of matches the whole scheme. I didn't really change much from my other coordinations, and just added a few small things instead. It's a nice coordination that recycled previous ideas.

As I was playing on Poupee Girl I was thinking about buying shoes. I haven't bought a nice pair of shoes in a super long time; ironically again, the last pair I bought were for Anime Expo 2011. So I was thinking about getting some new ones. And then I remembered I could totally get a pair of Tokyo Bopper shoes.

Tokyo Bopper Store in Tokyo, Japan
The main reason this thought came about was because I no longer had any platform boots or high shoes for regular wear. All of my high fun shoes are pretty much exclusive to lolita fashion items. I used to have a pair of Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse Ballerina shoes but they didn't fit right, alas they were a size too small.

So I was thinking about getting a pair of these cute, yet extremely stylish Tokyo Bopper shoes for myself. In the color I most want... Pink.
No.923-Pink/Belly Button Female from Tokyo Bopper
They're really cute aren't they? They remind me of Rocking Horse Golf shoes. I think these shoes are just divine and want to get a pair as soon as possible.

There is just one down side. Though Tokyo Bopper does have a way of purchasing for international orders, it's through a shopping service. So instead I am going to look for a cheaper shopping service (one that doesn't charge too much of a percentage) and then eventually buy these shoes.

One good thing though is... They come in my size. Tokyo Bopper have female sizing and male sizing so anyone (within Asian feet standards) can wear their shoes.