Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Poupee

The holiday season is here... Which means that Poupee is in the middle of another event, which is why I'm going to show you my coordinations again. Anyway, with Japan the Christmas holiday doesn't hold religious connotations as it does in the west, one might just call it the day where some people just give presents to others. New years in Japan is a much bigger event.

Anyway here are they are for you to see:

Christmas Poupee 1
The first one is always kind of boring as I didn't know the event was going on. You can see my eye glitter and my heart thingies there on the poupee, I just wanted a color scheme that seemed Christmas like without it going over board. And look Piyo even has a hat.

Christmas Poupee 2
For the second day I opened up my special socks and wore the items that were in it, the band, necklace and bracelet. Other than that I just wanted something fun to wear and something that used even one Christmas themed shop item since they change the background.

Christmas Poupee 3
And for the last one so far I just wanted to use earthy colors so I went with a brown color scheme. Out of all the outfits I'm wearing for this event, this one is my favorite.

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