Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tights and things bought

I bought some stuff for myself with my paycheck. Nothing terribly huge, but some stuff that I've been wanting for quite some time.

I bought for myself was a pair of tights. I got them from Celeste Stein. They're the cute little cherub ones that you see a lot, or rather I've seen them a lot and I really wanted a pair all to myself. And I finally got them. They're taking about 6-10 days to be made and then they'll be coming for me. I seriously cannot wait for them to get here.

Celeste Stein Cherub Tights
 They probably won't look as nice on my legs, since mine are way bigger than her slender legs. But what was also pretty neat is that they had sizing options, S/M and L/XL and you know there's no harm in just buying a size up. My legs calves though are very toned are quite big at the same time, so that coupled in with my rather big body size, I just decided that I would just get the plus sized ones. They'll fit way better on my body anyway than not.

I think these would look really cute with Tokyo Bopper shoes though, for a otome/lolita or even just a cute regular look.

Besides the tights, I did get a rocking head piece off of Etsy from a seller that I'm also waiting for. It's probably going to be the same wait time as it will be for my tights, but I seriously think it will be worth it once I show you the piece.

Pastel Pink Braided Hair Bow Headband from CuteCandyClouds
It's very interesting don't you think? I saw this being sold a while ago and when I wanted to purchase it, well it was sold out because someone bought it. I couldn't blame them though, this color is so cute. I just had to have one for myself.

I really like the fact that it's a hairband though, I personally love wearing hairbands so the fact that I can just plop this on my head with my regular hair or with a wig, well that makes me really happy. I just can't wait for this to arrive. I have a pink wig I need to fix and I think this would look great with it. Other than that, I'll probably be wearing this cute little piece as much as I can when I'm off of work.

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