Monday, December 5, 2011

Sweets Event. And Tokyo Boppers

There's another event on Poupee Girl, it's the Sweets event. It's going until December 8th (Japan time). There's nothing I really wanted but I do have some really cute coordinations from the event so far.
Sweets Event-Coordination 1
The first day I thought I would try and be all matchy with everything that was on the screen. I really like the dress I was wearing and was glad it fit really well into the event background.

Sweets Event-Coordination 2
My second coordination was a little bit more easy looking on the eyes. Don't really have much to say about this one, just that I really like the dress. I got it from Piyo Catcher game so it's really lucky for me.

Sweets Event-Coordination 3
My latest coordination, I just wanted a good reason to wear my hello kitty dress again. And oddly enough it kind of matches the whole scheme. I didn't really change much from my other coordinations, and just added a few small things instead. It's a nice coordination that recycled previous ideas.

As I was playing on Poupee Girl I was thinking about buying shoes. I haven't bought a nice pair of shoes in a super long time; ironically again, the last pair I bought were for Anime Expo 2011. So I was thinking about getting some new ones. And then I remembered I could totally get a pair of Tokyo Bopper shoes.

Tokyo Bopper Store in Tokyo, Japan
The main reason this thought came about was because I no longer had any platform boots or high shoes for regular wear. All of my high fun shoes are pretty much exclusive to lolita fashion items. I used to have a pair of Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse Ballerina shoes but they didn't fit right, alas they were a size too small.

So I was thinking about getting a pair of these cute, yet extremely stylish Tokyo Bopper shoes for myself. In the color I most want... Pink.
No.923-Pink/Belly Button Female from Tokyo Bopper
They're really cute aren't they? They remind me of Rocking Horse Golf shoes. I think these shoes are just divine and want to get a pair as soon as possible.

There is just one down side. Though Tokyo Bopper does have a way of purchasing for international orders, it's through a shopping service. So instead I am going to look for a cheaper shopping service (one that doesn't charge too much of a percentage) and then eventually buy these shoes.

One good thing though is... They come in my size. Tokyo Bopper have female sizing and male sizing so anyone (within Asian feet standards) can wear their shoes.

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