Friday, December 16, 2011

Panty and Stocking Toys and Figures

So it's toward the end of December, I'm a bit excited.

The reason being RIO:Bone should be releasing their action figure of Panty from the anime Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. And I really can't wait for her. I was interested in getting the nendoroid of the series but then when you realize how little articulation there was on it... This version is much more fun.
RIO:Bone Panty taken from Amiami
You can see the levels of articulation and more weapons and everything. Also I believe she is coming with cast off underwear which is great since Panty needs hers for her weapon. Some people say her faces are kind of weird but you know, the deformed way the characters are drawn doesn't take to 3D as well as the angel transformation sequence.

Stocking should be coming out soon to, but we have no positive info of a preorder or a release date for her yet, but she's looking to be really cute as well.
Stocking from RIO:Bone
I really like how she looks! Simply adorable and I can't wait. Still kind of wondering what they're going to do with the bottom body part that's shown there but it could also be blanks so that she can wield her swords in the correct fashion.

The best thing that wasn't a toy that came out was a non messed up face version of Panty's transformation sequence from Alter. It's simply amazing!
Transformation Panty from Alter
 I just love everything about this figure and will be looking for her come AX2012, since she should be out by then. I'm also really hoping that they'll release a Stocking one as well since the design and face for this one is way better than the other.
Transformation Panty taken from Amiami
The face she's got is really like from the transformation sequence, it's kind of a smirk but sort of a weird yet cute facial expression. Also the backside looks like it has just as much attention to detail as the front. The hair is wonderfully designed and I like it a lot.

Overall this is one of the figures I am holding out for, Panty just is simply beautiful and I hope more figures are released from this series. I'm really hoping for a Demon Sisters: Scanty and Kneesock one. Because so far there has been little merchandise of them, and they were great in the show.


  1. That Panty looks amazing. The good news is there's plans to do Stocking and there's already a prototype out for Kneesocks, both from Alter.

  2. I LOVE that Stocking figure!! I was also thinking about getting the Nendoroid but after I saw that version of Panty I kept my fingers crossed for Stocking and HOORAYY!! Haha... also I agree that Angel Panty looks a lot better in this figure form and she's a bit cheaper. Makes me excited to see Stocking :)