Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Most desired dresses..... At the moment

Right now there are two dresses I really want to get... But I'll need to save for them or have to decide if I want them at all. The thing is I haven't bought a single lolita thing in months. Like honestly the last openly lolita thing I bought was probably shoes.

But anyway back to dresses. The first dress I really like is very unconventional, it's probably why I like it so much.
Metamorphose Airline Attendant Dress
Don't ask me even why this color scheme, I just really like it. It's just kinda out there... Like REALLY out there. It makes me think of summer even though it's suppose to be akin to an airline attendant dress. Though I really like it in this crazy color scheme, I would just like any color combination. They're all just so cute and fun! I even have a picture of someone wearing it!
Model wearing "Airline Attendant" Dress
It's one of those types of clothes that looks better on a person then a dummy. There's a matching hat, but I'm not quite into it though it perfects the outfit.

The next dress is something tha t I've had my eyes on for a long time, but then it became available somewhat locally (meaning that a U.S. shop had it and I wouldn't have to pay in yen).
Un Chateau Secret Robe by Chantilly
This dress is simply wonderful, and I love it in this color scheme. It's just such a lovely contrast. So elegant, so stylish. The drawing that is on the dress was done by Tsubaki Tori, who has done work with Atelier Pierrot as well. The only downside to this lovely dress is its price. But... I simply cannot resist its lovely allure~
Atelier Pierrot store worker wear "Un Chateau Secret Robe"
You can see why I like the dress, it's simply even more lovely on a person. I think if I save up spare money I should be able to get this dress, and it's one that I'm leaning towards getting. As much as I love the color pink, I also love monotone color schemes. And this is the one dress that steals my heart over and over and over again. Chantilly has seriously won over my heart and makes me want to own every single dress they make that I can fit.

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