Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ladies Scream... You're Card Battling King Is Back

There's something exciting in the works over at Kotobukiya and it's named "Yami Yugi".

That's right card battling kid Yugi Mutou's alter ego/body swap buddy; the king, is here in prototype form just for everyone to see.  

Full Body Picture
He looks like he's about to throw down a card onto his duel disk, the pose is quite good and nostalgic of the anime and manga series. Along with his flowing "cape" (which is just the jacket of his gakuran) this is looking to be a great nostalgic piece for anyone who was a fan of the show to collect.
Back Side
The gakuran top seems to be a cast-off part of his figure which is quite neat.
The details in the duel disk are quite amazing to begin with as well. As with the gakuran top this piece seems like another interchangeable piece to position Yami Yugi in a different style, at least compared to the back image.

He will be 1/7 scale and should be completed some time in 2012. Hopefully Kotobukiya will keep us updated with color prototype soon.

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