Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Atelier Pierrot-New Dress

So I finally bought a new dress, I really wanted something new to wear for Anime Expo but yet I kept seeing I was drawn to the same colors (lol pink). So I decided I would get a new dress in a different color and style. So I bought a black dress from Atelier Pierrot in black with gold printing.
Tea Party Dress-Front
It's a very simple black dress with gold prints around it. I really like the simple design of it and the dress can be used outside of lolita so whenever I have some sort of event I need to dress up for, I could use this dress. I really do like the Alice in Wonderland type theme, and the bows are detachable.
Tea Party Dress-Back
The back has a bustle! Yay, I really like bustles, they're very fancy. And I've got some shirring to accommodate for my size as well. If it ends up being too tight, I might get the shirring removed but from the looks of it (and from other Atelier Pierrot items) I should be good with this one.

I'm still at a loss on how exactly I will coordinate it but I'm sure to have some great ideas popping into my head soon.


  1. I love this dress! Where did you get it? I really want an anime-like dress! I can never find them, and the ones on eBay are like, $200...

  2. This is one of my dream dresses xD