Sunday, December 22, 2013

I'm finally going to cosplay.... And I'm really scared

Well as Sakuracon draws closer my friends (the two who I saw Rebellion with) are talking about what they're going to cosplay as. And they asked me what was I going to dress up as, and I told them nothing because I'm too afraid to cosplay.

Of course they asked why and I told them the truth of what I felt; that I was too ugly and fat to cosplay. My friends couldn't believe that I would say that about myself but they saw how genuine I believe the words to be.

They told me about how much fun they have at cons when they dress up and that it doesn't have to be anything serious as sometimes they go in casual cosplay like homestuck or MLP:FIM characters. They really encouraged me to try cosplay as they said they'd be there to support me.

When I look back on it, it seems a bit funny that my friends who are a few years younger than me, had to encourage me to try cosplaying. But without them I don't think I'd ever try.

Well enough about that part, onto what I've decided to cosplay as.

I'm actually going as two characters from the Madoka Movie:Rebellion

Nagisa Momoe and Bebe
I wanted to pick something that was relatively easy and of characters I liked. These two are super adorable, and I already got some help for BeBe's wig and will be ordering the pieces to put it together soon. And funny enough one of my friends is cosplaying Mami as well, which means there will be two magical girls at least.

My mom even wants me to cosplay something else as well. We watched the first season of RWBY together and she wants me to cosplay Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose
I do like the character but out of all the characters my mom suggested Ruby is the only one I'd feel comfortable doing. Mom suggested me to dress up as Yang or Pyrrha which didn't set so well for me. Though I had an interesting time explaining to my mom just exactly what a scythe was to her.

I think for me the most fun would be in constructed the Crescent Rose scythe as I always loved making sculptures and helping out making props for people.

Looks like the next couple of months I will be super busy for the con, hopefully though all the hard work I will be doing won't be wasted.

I'm still nervous about this whole cosplaying ordeal, but I also am excited. As time goes on I hope the nervousness and doubt goes away.

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