Monday, September 16, 2013

Musee du Chocolate in Ivory and more Fashion Resolution talk

Well I bought dress #2 in a color way other than pink the other day.
Musee du Chocolate-Angelic Pretty
This was actually a dress I did want after seeing the pictures from Kera magazine. So I was super glad when the English-AP site put up a few more dresses. There were three ivory pieces restocked and one mint one. I decided to go for the ivory because it honestly looked the best out of all the colors. Ivory is such a nice color and I actually now have a chocolate print that actually looks like chocolate. While Melty Chocolate is still cute... I don't think pink chocolate bars appear very much.
Close up detail
I still think though, the little details of the dress make it lovely, the top is really nice. I enjoy it a lot. I think it makes it look slightly more like a uniform or a dress-uniform piece. Though I may be the only one getting the feeling from the top part of the jumper skirt.

It's two dresses down already, and only three more to go. I wonder what the other two colors will be? I'm just really happy that I was able to even get two new dresses to go toward my lolita fashion resolution. It's honestly more than I ever thought I was going to get. I actually thought it was just going to be pink forever with me. Though right now, even with not that many months left before the new year. I feel like I will be able to get my resolutions done and accomplished. And therefore making my wardrobe more varied.

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  1. I really hated this dress at first when I saw the leaked photos of it... but now when I see it on actual girls I think it's amazing! *-*

    really makes me wish AP had better photos on their site ;/