Monday, September 2, 2013

Too much to buy, not enough money.... And redecorations

Every time I go onto Amiami, or online I just find so much to buy. But I know I have to keep spending down so that I can save for my trip to Japan and for school and cons. Though I was able to do the remodeling I wanted to do and am out about $900 but it was worth it. I ended up just getting a new TV and a tower system so now I have a non piece of shit computer that can run Steam besides Bejeweled (don't judge me, I like puzzle games).

But luckily mom gave me my birthday present a little bit early. Martha Stewart cabinets and an Ikea drawer for my room. All we have to do now is just paint my bed frame, my outdoor closet and my desk (if we don't end up making one) white and then everything will be perfect.

I do have my Metamorphose collaboration dress with Kamen Rider Wizard on the way, also the R-series dress as well. But I did end up purchasing two things from Japan that were a bit of impulse buys for my kitchen.
Lekue-Spain made, bought in Japan

 First one up is a Lekue steamer. Made in Spain, bought in Japan. Wacky right? Well it seems that the pink one is hard to buy and most of the shops that carried it on had it sold out. I was able to find this three pack though for $35 after FromJapan's rakuten promotion. They've got rakuten promotionals all the time and I suggest buying something from rakuten when they come up. Well anyway the Lekue steamer is what it is, just a steamer but since I eat a lot of steamed veggies right now I can put a good heaping and just steam them up real quick. So I bought it for my weightloss (I'm already almost down 10lbs :3 )

Honestly I've bought some wacky dieting aids before from Japan and they didn't really work. But this just seems practical. Also it comes with a cookbook so at least I can use it as well just in case I run out of ideas. Also Japan has a lot of Lekue cookbooks and cookbooks for all sorts of single silicone steamers so it's a really good investment to me.

The other thing I bought... Well I just really wanted it...
just look at dem bishoujou eyes
That's right... MANGA PLATE.

There have been a few of them circling around the internet and places like Bento&Co have them but I wanted to see all the designs. And honestly this one caught my eyes the most. Because it's so magical. Just look at her eye that dessert.

I will put everything on that plate just so that it looks magical. But in all honesty. I will use these plates. I wanna get a couple more designs but probably not until later down the line.

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