Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Because one Kamen Rider War wasn't enough...

I can't wait for May, because Kamen Rider Battride War is coming out and I preordered a copy. Got the premium edition. Well you see there isn't much difference between the two besides one main thing. In the premium edition you get the themes of the Kamen Riders... I think there's a total of 30 copyright songs in the game that you get or something. I don't remember what was writen on AmiAmi's site. All I remember was I had to preorder it, because... KAMEN RIDER. Here is a preview movie straight from Bandai-Namco.

Though you get to see quite a few Riders the main focus seems to be on Wizard since he's the newest Rider, and it makes sense to just kinda show off the new guy.
Because no post about Kamen Rider would be a post without the signature Rider Kick
I really can't blame them though, Wizard's element changing ability is a pretty cool thing to show, he's got lots of powers and it could make the game really interesting. I think the best part of the preview is when see Den-O in Liner form preforming the Densha Giri. Just because Ryoutaro and Kamen Rider Den-O is probably my favorite from the series.

Speaking of Liner Forms and Kamen Rider Den-O, I did preorder said action figure.
Kamen Rider Den-O, Liner Form from S.H. Figurats
I know these scale of toys aren't really my thing, but with my redecorating I just wanted some of them to add to my collection and to display. There are way more than just this guy, but I'd thought I would just add it in this post since I ended up talking about Den-O for a bit.

To be honest I was just lucky I could preorder him. I was trying to go to sleep and just checked AmiAmi and there he was up, so I just took it as a sign and preordered him. And that's the end of the boring story.

Like I said I did preorder more and it will be coming up in another post, but I will just say now, it's just Wizard toys. Because Wizard is the Kamen Rider currently. But I ordered another one from another show, though I won't tell you who it is.

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