Monday, August 5, 2013

Slight family crisis and good feel weight loss

Well there has been a lot of stuff going down in the house the last couple of weeks.

Mom got sent to the emergency room, turns out she has a potassium deficiency. Dad got relived from his job due to medical complications, a month earlier than expected. And his final paycheck and vacation pay aren't here yet, it should be a week or so before we get those. *sigh* Yeah right now he's just sitting at home with his leg propped up taking antibiotics he got when he visited the doctor in Singapore.

So things are going to be rather tight financially for the household until my dad has another job. Which may take a month at least.

Also the truck is pretty shot, as it needs to be repaired with a $500 piece of equipment. Plus the instillation of it, which turns it out to be over a grand just to fix a stupid hose...

So yeah pretty much, real life hasn't been treating me all that well...

Donut Joe knows how it is
But on the other hand. Before I go to Japan next year I really wanted to lose the weight that I have gotten amassed over the years and it seems that I am doing something right... As I've almost lost 5lbs in three weeks, this is the start of week three.

What I did was I started to just track everything and calorie count. So I have a journal of everything I eat and drink (that has a calorie intake) and just make sure to try to not go over the daily recommendation of calories.

Now unlike some people I know who totally avoid fast food and junk on diets, we can say this is more of a life style change as I'm just trying to eat out less and take care of my body better. In my journal though you can see sometimes there's a burger from Dairy Queen or a Smothered burrito with a Baja Blast from Taco Bell.

But even with food that's not so good every once in a while, there's tons of good eatings in there, and it makes me proud. I feel really proud of myself since now I'm finally losing the weight for me and not for anyone else.

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