Saturday, July 7, 2012

Anime Expo 2012- A rather big "disappointment"

Well as you know I was at Anime Expo from June 28- July 2.In a word the whole con was a "disappointment".

We had problems with the hotel, the con itself, the tea party event; pretty much everything was messed up. The biggest reason being why was two reasons.

1. The X-Games

Yup, the X-games was held at the same time as the convention. Which made it harder to even move around town and there were tons of detours and everything. What was even great was our hotel lied to us about the booking of our room saying it was Anime Expo's booking systems fault when in actuality they gave away more hotel rooms to X-games people because they had to pay full price. So it was the three of us in one bed...

Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate the people who attended the X-games, just the event itself and the shitty excuses and roundabouts we got from staff and the literal detours we had to take to get anywhere in downtown LA.

2.The Anime Expo staff

Oh yeah, this part really pisses me off... THE STAFF HAD PRETTY MUCH NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON. Like for everyone one person who had an idea of what was going on... There was 20 who didn't. Most events were either canceled or moved, and then there wasn't enough adequate room that a lot of times we couldn't get into things. This Anime Expo ended up becoming "Line Con:Anime Version".

No offense to people who love to go to San Diego Comic Con, but it does have the nickname line-con for a reason.

But yeah, staff didn't know what they were doing. Fate/Zero GoHs and not much more....

Oh yeah, the Misako tea party wasn't even a tea party. It was more of a meet and greet. And we couldn't even get individual pictures with her, it had to be done as a group at each table. Made me kind of steamed. And sadly enough, I'm making the stupidest picture in our group photo that I don't like it. Yeah... So that was a personal disappointment.

There were some good things about Anime Expo though, and I am going to write about them, but I needed to get all the negatives out of me first.

On a positive note, at least next year my friends and I will be attending Sakuracon instead. So instead of me coming down to CA they'll be coming up here. And that should be fun.

TL;DR My feelings for Anime Expo 2012
Sadness and disappointment

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