Monday, July 9, 2012

Soom and their Idealian line

I don't really like the company Soom and their line of ball joint dolls. I actually had one of their male monthly dolls and it was a huge disappointment in real life. I went back to look at their new dolls and just saw their Idealian line. Simply was blown away. Most of them are men, but you know that's not a bad thing with how beautifully the men are sculpted.
Photon by Soom Idealian
The only bad part is how tall these guys are, a whopping 72centimeters tall. Which may not seem like all that much, but god they're really tall.

The negative parts about it is that the dolls are limited to an ordering period and then never released again (usually). Which leads to the second hand market to have the dolls at something beyond ridiculous. We're talking about nearly a grand or more.
Gluino-Vampire Alchemist by Soom Idealian
I need to keep up with these beautiful dolls. Even though they're huge and relatively expensive, mainly due to their size. I would like to have some to add into my ball joint doll collection. And it will give me a chance to get more males, since I'm more of a girl doll collector.

But man... These stock photos just look so beyond lovely.

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