Saturday, March 31, 2012

Racing Miku figure-1/8 Scale

A very beautiful figure was released by Good Smile Company for preorder and I really, REALLY love it. It's a Vocaloid statue of Miku Hatsune-Racing Version.
Racing Miku's Design
As you can see it's a very interesting design and I really like her hair and costume. But how exactly does this translate into 3D? I think it was done very nicely.
Composite Image from Amiami
As you can see from the composite picture it's still has the same feel and gorgeous look as it does in the image. But her figure, pose and flowing hair add to the beauty of this figure.
Picture taken from Amiami
Even from the backside, the form and the details are carefully payed attention to, which makes this a great figure on all sides.
Picture taken from Amiami
And her face, her smile is really cute and I love the detail in her eyes. They just look so gentle and inviting.

Overall, I really love this figure and will be ordering it. This is most likely going to be my first Miku figure and a really cute and adorable one to boot.

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  1. Wow! They did really good on that one! They've been getting better and better with each Miku figure that comes out. Her cheerleader one is absolutely adorable as well. If I wasn't trying to save money and cut my figure collection down I would so buy this :3