Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Krad Lanrete Dress

I've been looking through Taobao lolita stores again and I found a really simple dress I like from a brand called Krad Lanrete.
Le Chuchotis de L'ete dress
As Krad Lanrete does more gothic pieces than anything, it really stands out to me. Right now I currently only have one gothic dress in my collection and I want to increase it by more. But anything I want more simple pieces in my collection, and something not pink, black or white. Though ivory is more of a cousin to white it's close enough away that I wouldn't have to worry.

What also really impressed me about the piece was when I saw it worn by models.
Long and short version of the Le Chuchotis de L'ete
The dress looks simple enough and comes in two lengths as well; short and long. I'm more interested in the short version of the dress as I'm sure if I got the long one it wouldn't look so good on me and would probably hit the floor if I wasn't wearing high enough shoes.

But anyway let's take a look at the one I am interested in.
Short version, Ivory color
Doesn't it look adorable? It's a very simple design with buttons on the front and a piece of fabric that wraps around the waist. It's a really simple dress but with the right accessories and color combinations would turn it into something amazing.

Simple dresses I believe are essential for any lolita wardrobe, and I hope I can add this one to my collection soon.

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