Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Release Dates Postponed AGAIN?!

I'm not one to really complain about things like this but it seems that the Racing Miku figure by Good Smile Company is postponed.....AGAIN. She was supposed to come out in September, but now she's moved all the way to November which really sucks but is a blessing in disguise.
Racing Miku
But honestly if you're going to give a release date and not be able to live up to it, just make it a tentative preorder with no actual release date. It would be much better than that.

Another preorder that got postponed is Accelerator from To Aru Majutsu no Index. Dude was supposed to be out this month, but he already got pushed back to November already.
Accelerator from Amiami
I'm not actually as pissed off about this as I should be only because it was slated for a October release and already got pushed over to November. Usually Alter and its sibling companies will push things back at the last minute making you think you've gotta pay at the end of the month, so knowing this one isn't coming out till November is OK by me.

In all honesty I actually don't have many preorders slated for the November month, just two toys an a few coffee cups from Amiami so I can deal with two additional figures. But who knows if these will get pushed back till December. I hope they don't though, I have a really expensive item that I'll be paying for and is my only item that month.

But once 2013 happens, I will be pretty much putting all my toy purchases on the back burner.

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