Monday, November 12, 2012

Super Sick, Super Sentai, and a Decade

I've been really sick for about the last week or so. It feels as if it's towards the end of my sickness. I've just been sleeping it off when I'm not at work.

Speaking of work, I have my schedule for Thanksgiving/black Friday and though I don't get to spend the turkey holiday with my family... I am safe from not working the hectic black Friday rush and will be working normal hours. Thank god no 12-16 hour work day for me.

Besides not doing much, I've just been watching a few series on the internets. Specifically Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and Kamen Rider Decade.

I already finished Akibaranger since it was so short (sad 13 episodes). And now I'm onto watching Decade.

I really like it, I feel so nostalgic watching Decade, as I remember a lot of the Hesei Kamen Riders.
Kamen Rider Decade
Other than that, not much has been happening for me, hope everyone is good.

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