Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Recent Purchases-Grimoire Socks

So I bought a few things for lolita that I've been looking at for a long time, Grimoire socks.
Un papillon bleu profond-Grimoire Socks
The socks are quite adorable, I just love those butterflies and the background. I don't actually have a dress that matches these or anything, but I think I'll either buy some light blue fabric or create a dress that could go with them. Though I do have a white dress I'd still probably would need some blue or butterfly accessories to go along with them.
Une desse de la fascination-Grimiore Socks
I actually just bought these because the design was just so very eye catching. The lady looks very lovely and in all honesty, these socks would look great with a gothic coordination. Now all I will need is more than one gothic styled lolita dress to chose from. Maybe something else from Atelier Pierrot or Echantlic Enchantilly. Though to be honest I'd really like a red dress. Red isn't a color you see a lot in lolita for some reason, or it's always paired with white. I think a red dress with black accents would be lovely.

Once I get the actual socks themselves I'll probably post a review of not only the socks themselves but the shopping service I used.

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