Friday, March 21, 2014

So close to Sakuracon

So Sakuracon is close at hand. Which is kind of sad and yet so very exciting.

What I am excited and sad for is Angelic Pretty. I don't think I will have enough money to buy anything substantial from their shop since it's only two more paychecks till con. But then last year I didn't find anything I really wanted so that was kind of a loss for me, so who knows what will happen at this one.

If there's another tea party I will probably go again, but this time I won't be expecting much since AX's one was super lame, and it seems par for the course for brand tea parties (that are held within the convention center).

But I cannot wait for the fashion show that will happen.

Last years fashion show at Sakuracon took so long to get started but then burned out quickly their time wasn't even up before they were finished.

Anyway I have to figure out what things I wanna wear for the con aside from my cosplay.
I want to wear this but I don't have an ivory or a brown blouse to wear with it. I mean I have my new blouse from meta that I haven't worn yet. It may be a bit weird wearing white with ivory but it may be my best chances as of right now to have something new to wear at the con.

I mean while all my other stuff is nice. The rest of my pieces are relatively older AP and Baby items that I've had over the years.

Whatever turns out to be the case I'm just going to try to have more fun and try to be less of a wallflower than other times.

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