Friday, March 14, 2014

Countdown to Sakuracon

We've almost got about a month left before Sakura-con and I feel as if I am not ready for it.

To be honest my cosplay isn't finished yet, and it's starting to get in crunch mode. I haven't finished Ruby's scythe and accessories yet. But all I have of the main piece left is a second belt and her cape. So that's way better than I thought.

I will continue to work on my scythe though I am a bit disappointed I don't have the budget to make my scythe out of wonderflex. So instead I'm making it out of different paper maches. It will probably look ok in pictures but in real life probably not the best. I'll definitely have to fix it up for the next time I work on the costume.

Though to be honest I am excited that they announced that Range Murata is going to be at the con. I've always loved his art and found it very soft and interesting.

I may post up progress pics here for the prop but I'm not so sure...

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