Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lolita and J-fashion Resolution 2014

Last year I didn't do so well on my resolutions, so here's hoping my list this year is going to be better. This is actually just copied from my tumblr, but with more detailed information.

Shiki collaboration with Angelic Pretty and Metamorphose
-Buy five main pieces not in the color pink (skirts,jumpers,OPs)
      If you're wondering why I make distinction of pink, it actually has to deal with it being my favorite color and a color I heavily gravitate too. So I still tend to buy pink pieces regardless, but hey, I need more variation in my wardrobe, so that's why this will always be in my list.
Stained Glass by Moi Meme Moitie
-Buy one Moi-Meme-Moitie main piece
     I've loved Moitie pieces since I started lolita (I actually remember Iron Gate being sold on CD Japan) and with quite a few Moitie pieces being more accomidating towards varying sizes, I thought it might be a good thing to try.
Milk Heart Bag in Gold
-Purchase something in my wishlist
     I've got a huge varied wish list that contains all sorts of items. Most likely from my list I'd probably end up buying shoes or a bag (or both) since as a lady accessories are quite an important thing.

Moonstar x Sousou collaboration Festival Tabi
-Buy a pair of unique shoes
      Actually this one is already done to be honest. I recently this year already acquired these tabi shoes. And you can't deny that they're not unique. You don't see many people wear tabi. I actually had a very interesting conversation with a Japanese lady about them. She was so surprised and happy that someone was wearing traditional shoes. And honestly, the grip on it is amazing. The regular shoes from Sousou don't have a firm grounding grip since the bottoms are more akin to tennis shoes.

Also, I bought these because I've started to dabble into using wa-fabric.

Metamorphose Diamond Print Blouse
-Purchase a white/black/and an unusual colored blouse
     Always needing those staples. I just purchased this Metamorphose blouse and am waiting for it to arrive. Already one third of the way there. Which is pretty great because I seriously need blouses, especially since it gets cold up here.
Haenuli dress
-Purchase one indie designer piece
     There are some great indies shops out there and I want to support them, so I thought that maybe if I just even get one piece from them, it would be a good start

-Purchase 2 parasols/umbrellas
     I live in the rainy part of the US, so I need these, because... It rains a ton. Kinda self explanatory.

-Make at least 3 sets of clothing that could be used for J-fashion or lolita
      Since I started to learn how to sew, I've been getting a quick grasp on it, so I want to sew a few outfits. I've got a lot of varied fabric and everything. Just need to start piecing them together.

Jane Marple Stamp Skirt
-Purchase an otome main piece
     I really like the idea behind otome, especially since this could work for when I don't feel like dressing up fully in lolita clothes.
Alice and the Pirates x Disney Collaboration
-Purchase a main piece in either alice or trump theme
     I really like Alice themes, so I still need to get something to brighten up my wardrobe.

So that's it for the resolutions, and I seem to be ahead of the game this year, which is great. Hopefully I can knock everything off of my list, even though it's longer than last years.

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