Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kickstarters that need help

It may not be your cup o tea but there are a few kickstart pages going on that need help if you're interested.
First one is GAMCON which is trying to raise up funds to make an anime/videogame convention outside of the Seattle are.
GAMCON kickstarter page
Even if it's just a couple of dollars, I'm sure they'd appreciate the help. I donated $20 to just get a badge, since it's more of a local con for me. And the area that they're trying to rent is actually quite spacious and cheap. There are local businesses and everything willing to help and advertise, but they just need a bit of word of mouth to spread it around, so if you have any interest or know someone who would, by all means. Please show them.

Also another Kickstarter that holds a place in my nerd heart is the Wakfu kickstarter is up.
Wakfu dub+French sub Bluray
If you've ever seen the show or played the Tactical MMORPG, now is your chance to not only own the first season but at 200,000CAD we get season two as well for all the backers who backed enough to get the bluray. I was able to get the limited to 50 early bird special at the 100CAD mark so I so have that going for me. And the wait time for isn't too long, estimated April but they said it may be pushed back a month or two if they have to do even more dubbing, which isn't a bad thing because that means more goals have been met.

Also for everyone who says "I'll just get it later". In the kickstarter comments Ankama has said after this kickstarter they're probably not going to release it again, for a long time. So this is pretty much your shot to get something like this.

Anyway thanks for taking a look and everything. Hope that you'll donate, or even just spread the word.

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