Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First Foray Into Sewing

So I recently started to make a skirt. And I already learned so much from my mistakes that it was an interesting experience.

The first thing I did wrong and I didn't know it until my mom pointed it out after I already did it. Was I kinda can't cut fabric. When I was using the pattern and pinning it, it kept flying all over the place so I had lots of pieces that were kinda uneven and everything. It didn't look pretty. Then my mom was all.
"Lol you pinned it wrong. Pin it the other way."
Literally the reaction I made after she told me what I did wrong
 I was more upset she didn't tell me this until after the mangled pieces were done. But she insisted that I wouldn't have learned anything if she just told and showed me how to do everything. She said the rewards wouldn't be fulfilling. I guess in a way, mom is probably right, but still; it sucks. Luckily I bought the fabric on sale when it was 4.99 a yard instead of the 9.99 it was normally.

On another note, it seems to be that I'm already stockpiling fabric like a crazy lady. Is this one of the affects of wanting and learning how to sew?

Anyway I should be able to work and finish my skirt on my weekend. I'll post it up on here, just promise you won't laugh. You can call it crap or shit, just don't laugh.

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