Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goodbye Last Year...Hello New Year and Goals

As the year comes to a close, I've been thinking about things that I wanted to do that I really haven't, and goals for the next year. So here are my main goals for 2013 in order of importance.

-Get a new job, one that isn't in retail
     For serious on this. I'm tired of retail hell in Wal-Mart and I can't really stand it for much longer. I am glad that I got experience from it. But after over a year of working there, retail isn't for me and I can't stand rude people that I've met in my job

-Lose weight, hit my goal of 130-140lbs
     Though I've been losing weight slowly I am going to be more serious about it this year. For real. I'm pretty much stopping eating out at work and eating at fast food restaurants and everything. Even though it's easier to buy food than make it... I'm going to try my best and keep the weight off and not bounce back. Also I'm using some apps from my new iPod and it's really helping me document my progress.

-Save money, for future goals
    Pretty much, I want to just save money just in case of a rainy day or the fact that I want to go travel and do lots of things. So I'm contemplating purchases pretty well and not just impulse buying now. Which is sometimes a hard thing but I am going to do my best to save money. I'm already starting off pretty strong though.

-Wear lolita more, buy more colors
    Though I love lolita, I pretty much neglected it last year except for Anime Expo. So next year I'm going to wear it more. And buy more colors except for pink and white. As I'm getting on in years (lol 26 already) I need to diversify my colors and buy other colors, some that I can wear easier without having to think about it.

Though there are probably more things that I could probably write about, nothing is coming to my mind at the moment. But at least I listed out my most important things. Hopefully I can fulfill them pretty soon.

Here's looking at you 2013!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Q-Pot Merry Sweet Party

If there's one brand I love with all my heart, it's Q-Pot. Q-Pot is a Japanese brand of accessories made by Tadaaki Wakamatsu. There will be more about Q-Pot specifically in another post. I have a review of the US shopping site. But for now I'll be talking about the winter items that have just been put up for sale.
Merry Sweet Party Banner taken from Q-Pot online store
Merry Sweet party contains a few subcategories; condensed milk, merry sweet party, ice box cookie and gingerbread man. And here is a picture from the site of the items listed.
Listings for the items as seen on Q-Pot's webstore
The items themselves are really varied and I love the use of wood for the holiday. It seems that Q-Pot is using a lot more wood and other materials in their new pieces and it's a very interesting turn. But I must admit that my favorite items out of this whole seasonal collection are the condensed milk items.

Though I do realize that the items are just remakes of the other items in the melt series, the new color is so lovely. Also I am fond of the icebox pierce and earring.

A note on the pierces and earrings though... They're sold as individuals instead of as a set. The reason being the idea is to mix and match them with other earrings to create your perfect look.

Overall the series is nice, though a few items would look weird to wear outside of the winter season.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Metamorphose-Fancy Egg

With a weird name like Fancy Egg I wasn't so sure what I was going to expect to see from Metamorphose. But to tell the truth it really surprised me. I really like the print.
Fancy Egg-Black
So the premise is kind of simple, just very lovey egg motifs. Which I haven't really seen done (if at all) in lolita. What also makes this print stand out for me is the diamond print design that compliments it. I am really loving the black color though. There are quite a few dresses and skirts and other such things that will be for preorder but I am really liking the shorter dress.
Fancy Egg Tucked Pleat Pinafor Dress-Short Version
It's very simple in design, but the bottom border print does take up most of that bottom skirt, which is why I really love it. This is a sample of the dress which is done in the pink version. But I really love the overall feel and design of the whole thing. It looks like something you could wear in lolita or just as a regular nice dress. What I don't like though about the other colors is the lack of the diamond detail which is lost on the dress.
Fancy Egg-Pink
But you know, it may be good for other people, but just not for me. Which is actually a good thing, because I need to balance out all that pink in my wardrobe at the moment. I was trying to include more mint there, but it seems that the colors tend to just be black and pink for now. ^3^

So the dresses will be on reservation starting on Dec. 7th Japan time, and the short dress is 24,990 yen itself shipping and handling. As for the colors their is; black, pink, green and saxon blue.