Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kickstarters that need help

It may not be your cup o tea but there are a few kickstart pages going on that need help if you're interested.
First one is GAMCON which is trying to raise up funds to make an anime/videogame convention outside of the Seattle are.
GAMCON kickstarter page
Even if it's just a couple of dollars, I'm sure they'd appreciate the help. I donated $20 to just get a badge, since it's more of a local con for me. And the area that they're trying to rent is actually quite spacious and cheap. There are local businesses and everything willing to help and advertise, but they just need a bit of word of mouth to spread it around, so if you have any interest or know someone who would, by all means. Please show them.

Also another Kickstarter that holds a place in my nerd heart is the Wakfu kickstarter is up.
Wakfu dub+French sub Bluray
If you've ever seen the show or played the Tactical MMORPG, now is your chance to not only own the first season but at 200,000CAD we get season two as well for all the backers who backed enough to get the bluray. I was able to get the limited to 50 early bird special at the 100CAD mark so I so have that going for me. And the wait time for isn't too long, estimated April but they said it may be pushed back a month or two if they have to do even more dubbing, which isn't a bad thing because that means more goals have been met.

Also for everyone who says "I'll just get it later". In the kickstarter comments Ankama has said after this kickstarter they're probably not going to release it again, for a long time. So this is pretty much your shot to get something like this.

Anyway thanks for taking a look and everything. Hope that you'll donate, or even just spread the word.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

More Sewing Fun

So there's going to be more sewing fun tomorrow. I'm going to finish up my skirt that I made 100% all by myself. Hopefully assembled it won't look like a hot mess like it does in pieces. Seriously, I seem to not be able to cut without help.

Also I have a lot of the fabric left so mom is going to actively help me make a matching vest for it since the fabric is more pop like. When she told me that she'd help I said; "is that so?" And was reminded of Kill la Kill because...Talking clothing, sewing, fighting the power of clothes, friendship with clothes, controlling the world with clothes... You know, Trigger saving anime.
Satsuki wants to know is that so...
Anyway besides sewing my mom is going to be helping with my Ruby Rose cosplay tomorrow. More importantly we're going to be making a petticoat akin to what classical puppets sells. But she's going to be using the serger and she's going to teach me how.
Mako looking at Sensei's needles
Honestly though, the serger looks intimidating, and I thought my mom didn't know how to use it, because all I've ever seen was my aunt borrow it from us to make her scrubs... But she does know how, which is good, because I need all the help I can get taming that beast. Anyway I hope to have progress and completion pictures up, since these are going to be interesting none the less.

I honestly have no idea if I'm going to just post the images up here or also to tumblr. May do both. I should probably though at one point link my tumblr and blog together.

Though honestly I just post simple images on tumblr, here is where I get to talk.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First Foray Into Sewing

So I recently started to make a skirt. And I already learned so much from my mistakes that it was an interesting experience.

The first thing I did wrong and I didn't know it until my mom pointed it out after I already did it. Was I kinda can't cut fabric. When I was using the pattern and pinning it, it kept flying all over the place so I had lots of pieces that were kinda uneven and everything. It didn't look pretty. Then my mom was all.
"Lol you pinned it wrong. Pin it the other way."
Literally the reaction I made after she told me what I did wrong
 I was more upset she didn't tell me this until after the mangled pieces were done. But she insisted that I wouldn't have learned anything if she just told and showed me how to do everything. She said the rewards wouldn't be fulfilling. I guess in a way, mom is probably right, but still; it sucks. Luckily I bought the fabric on sale when it was 4.99 a yard instead of the 9.99 it was normally.

On another note, it seems to be that I'm already stockpiling fabric like a crazy lady. Is this one of the affects of wanting and learning how to sew?

Anyway I should be able to work and finish my skirt on my weekend. I'll post it up on here, just promise you won't laugh. You can call it crap or shit, just don't laugh.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Houzuki no Reitetsu is here!

Houzuki no Reitetsu is finally here guys! I am so excited. I started to read the manga once it came out translated (since it's way easier to find translates than RAWs) and I gotta say hands down I loved it. So I was super excited when they announced making the anime of it. More than that, it's being similcasted on CrunchyRoll and was already picked up for local distribution by Sentai Films. This makes the youkai lover in me very happy!
Here is the official PV with English subs.

After the first episode came out I was really bursting with happiness, but I guess a lot of people don't like Houzuki no Reitetsu. I hear a lot that it's not funny and boring. It doesn't help that the show and manga is just as much a slice of life as it is a comedy. And a lot of the humor in Houzuki relies on knowing about Japanese culture and religions; most people from other countries don't know much about Buddhism besides Buddha himself, but that's ok.

I did really enjoy it, and the opening theme song just makes me laugh with how everyone is singing, like King Enma decided like it would boost morale among workers or something.

I did preorder the OP theme CD and the B-Alt limited edition version for the Japanese Bluray release. I'm a bit bummed about how much you pay for only two or three episodes, but you know. You gotta do what you gotta do to support the industry.