Monday, January 23, 2012

New Panty Design and Yui Figure

Well the RIO:Bone Panty got delayed till February along with the Puella Magi Madoka Magica petite nendoroids, but today I saw something quite neat. On Amiami they have the new finished action figure up instead of the prototype. Here is a link to where the old pictures are on my blog and now here is the new ones!
Final Panty Image from Amiami
You can see how much the face has been tweaked, the eyes have been changed and the face has been smoothed out more instead of rather chunky and for a lack of a better word... Derpy. I don't know if the lighting is better or the fact that there's a background but it looks so much better in my eyes.

Then comes a part I'm not so happy about; the back of her legs.
Backside View
The joint kind of seems wonky, specially from the back, they're not the little nubs that I'm used to seeing in like Figma or Revoltech but I'm wondering how it will actually hold up or were they used because of the weird drawing style Gainax chose to use in making the show.

You can also see that the open face was given the same treatment as the first picture. Man I love her expressions even more now. I am quite glad that I decided to preorder her.

I also saw something quite interesting if you like the anime K-On or are a Yui fan (I sure love Yui). It's by Kyo-Ani and it's a cute super deformed singing Yui.
Super Deformed Yui Normal Face
I love her hair and the glasses. She kind of reminds me of Arare from Doctor Slump. But what made me laugh even more was the other face she comes with.
Silly Deformed Yui Face
It's such a silly face. But man... It's so cute at the same time.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anthro BJDs

At first I wasn't a fan of anthro ball joint dolls, I thought for the price and size they were kind of a waste of money. But now I'm just starting to look back at them and saw that a lot of things have changed. Not with size or anything but just the way I saw them. I now see them as beautiful pieces of art and I kind of want a few.
Wake Up Ruby by Coco Tribe
I was looking at this Bunny named "Ruby" from Coco Tribe to be my first one. I really think how her bunny parts are sculpted makes her so adorable and her white skin, I really like it a lot. Thinking about giving her some pink under tones or maybe even doing a more natural brownish color with her. I think both would work really well for her.

She's not very expensive as well, found that buying her on the Taobao site compared with getting her from a US speaking site would save me some serious money (a huge enough chunk) so that I could probably get a dress with her at the same time.
The only problem with Coco Tribe for the clothes is they don't have that many that I like, so I was just thinking about getting this white dress and then ordering more stuff for them later.

I'm kind of excited to get back into collecting and customizing BJDs so it will be lots of fun doing all sorts of stuff with them. I'm just really surprised that my tastes have changed somewhat though, it's quite surprising.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

TYB- Dark Cherry Hama normal route

Well I'm just waiting for my confirmation for Tokyo Yamanote Boys; Sweet Jelly Bean since I just paid for it earlier today. I cannot wait to play it, I wonder what all the routes are going to be.

Also today I finished my first route with Shinnosuke Hamada aka Hama/Hammer and I really liked it. It makes me sad that the "True Ending" for his route is super creepy. But his normal route ending is so much better.

Hama is kind of a goof, a pervert and an innocent guy all wrapped up into one rich guy package, which made me kind of fall in love with him; seriously this guy is adorable. But at the same time... His choice in swimwear makes me wonder.
Private Date-Aquarium
 Like really, look at that... What are you suppose to say to that?! But I digress, Hama came off at first to be such a wimp. He cries a lot, but you can see deep down he's a super sweet guy. The scene ends rather funny (shark actually really likes him and there's a bit of a back story to it). But anyway I thought this was a really sweet scene between the main girl and Hama.

Well actually, I think this scene is better though...
Nervous to hold hands
That's right, he's nervous to take the girl's hand, instead he wanted to chain themselves together with handcuffs, but the reaction on his face, it's so innocent and pure. I really liked his reaction throughout the whole CG scene. It shows off Hama's innocent nature. Because he's got some demons in him, or at least some weird manifested personality disorder or something.
Devil Hama
Yeah see, he literally becomes a devil. Through random points in the VN you can see a little tail swish around, so when his bag grew bat wings, his voice dropped and he became this serious badass I was a little bit confused but ran with it. But he only showed up towards the end and in quite small intervals. He's actually in the ending and it made me just kind of feel awkward about Hama's route.

But I keep this in mind.... It's not as weird or messed up as the True Ending.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Anime Expo Clothes Planning

There's usually one thing I kind of plan way before I go to conventions is what kind of clothes I'll be taking with me. Since I have no time to save up money for some nice Japanese lolita clothes I'm going to do something I haven't done before and order them off of Chinese designers off of Taobao. They're significantly cheaper (because cost of labor is lower in their country) but at the same time there are some really cute dresses I like.
Kids Yoyo Sailor Dress
I'm not really one for short sleeves but the dress is so adorable and simple I think it would work well in California's hot climate. The hat you pay extra for but it's super adorable. I will probably make this one of the dresses that I'll get for AX.

White Moon Dress
This one is just simply cute. It's got a really playful vibe and I just love the bottom design, though actually I love the overall design of it. I really think this one would be great to wear, and it's just so cute, specially with that little boater hat.

I may not be able to stay for the whole con (because of work) but three days of fun doesn't sound so bad. And I seriously cannot wait, because there will be even more fun stuff to do and everything. Though I'm still hoping I might be able to stay for all 4 days, but it's probably a long shot. I still have to save up money for my share of the hotel and my plane tickets and spending money but I'm going to get that all gathered together as I start putting new stuff on my etsy account and I'll actually feature it here on my blog as well.

I have some cleaning and more crafting to do, so hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with a fun art update.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

POP Reimu and VNs

Well since work has cut down my hours though it's not just me but everyone. I've had a lot of time to do things and I've just started to play visual novels again (VN for short).

I started playing my very first nukige (google if you want to know). I felt really bad at first because of the path I took, it ended kind of bad at where I stopped. Besides that I've also been playing my otome game. Tokyo Yamanote Boys: Dark Cherry. It's supper cute and I like it a lot. I haven't finished a single route yet but that's because the game is actually quite long. Like I couldn't believe it myself how long it was. Anyway here's my favorite picture so far in the game.
Jesus buying a stuffed toy
It's really cute because Jesus is pretty much tsundere for the girl you are. And it's adorable when you get to see that cute little blush on his face. There are two other games I need to find and play eventually. The reason why I'm really excited is another game from Reject is coming out soon, and is in the lines of Tokyo Yamanote Boys, it's called "Sweet Jelly Bean". And I have no idea if it's a continuation or not, but it looks amazing.
TYB Boys in suits
There are lots of boys you date in the TYB series, it's the reason why it spans three disks. But seeing them all in suits made me swoon ァィ━━(つ∀`*)━━シテルッ!! 
The game gets released on the 15th this month, the only thing is that I have to wait about a month to play the game since it's coming home via SAL mail so it's going to take a long while.

And the last thing I wanted to talk about was a PVC figure my friend preordered me for Christmas. We were talking about stuff and I showed her this and she got it for me.
Reimu from Touhou Project P.O.P. version
It's a very cute version of Reimu isn't it. I really fell in love with it when I saw it, she was just so adorable.
Comparison between Reimu's
Some people don't like it saying that it doesn't capture the picture well but I think it does. You're not going to be able to get a 100% likeness but I believe it's very close, and I love everything about the Reimu figure, seriously cannot wait till March when it comes out. It will be my first Touhou figure and it's of my favorite girl.